What the Texans Said After Ravens' Lopsided Win


Head Coach Bill O'Brien

On Lamar Jackson:

"He's a great player. We didn't start off well offensively and it gave him time and it gave him time to get adjusted. We tried to adjust, we just didn't do enough. He did a great job. Once he got going, he got going."

On the non-pass interference call that he challenged and lost:

"I have no idea what pass interference is anymore. No idea."

On the Ravens sacking Deshaun Watson seven times:

"Give them credit, they did some really good things. They executed better than we did, and they did a really good job. Not too much that they showed, that they hadn't showed. They just executed their plans better than what we coached and executed ours."

On the Ravens holding Houston to seven points:

"We moved the ball at times. Don't get me wrong, we didn't move the ball well, but we moved it at times. We stubbed our foot and just poor plays and poor play-calling. We just have to do a better job at that.

"We got behind, and it was 14-0. We tried to stick with the run, but eventually we had to try to throw the football to gain positive yards. We just couldn't do much of anything today."

QB Deshaun Watson

On swapping jerseys with Jackson and the MVP race:

"I just wrote, 'Always love, keep grinding and MVP.' He's like a brother to me. Keep going and stay healthy.

"I mean, it's all love. It's all respect. He played well today. It's a lot of season left. Who knows what can happen? You know Russell [Wilson], me, Christian [McCaffrey], Aaron [Rodgers], who knows? It's all showing love and respect. This game is about brotherhood. Who knows how long you're going to get to play it?"

On whether being blown out stings more than a close defeat:

"For me, a loss is a loss. We could have gone back and forth in both halves and it could have been 41-42. It would still be disappointing. There are still opportunities out there that we didn't capitalize on. This one is definitely tough. We just have to live with it and correct mistakes."

WR DeAndre Hopkins

On the loss:

"We came out, but today was [the Ravens'] day. [The Ravens] played a better game than us today."

On when the game got away from them:

"Momentum. It is a game of momentum. They [Ravens] beat us fair and square."

RB Duke Johnson

On if a big game like this is frustrating:

"No. This was not the big game we had circled. We have bigger games. Do we want to win them all? Of course we do. But you do not win them all. Everything we want is still sitting in front of us. We just need to go out and play better." 

RB Carlos Hyde

On the loss:

"The Ravens played better than us today. They were the better team. It is that simple." 

LB Zach Cunningham

On Jackson:

"He's a good player. He's probably about the same as I saw on tape. He has speed as a quarterback and the ability to run." 

NT D.J. Reader

On Jackson:

"He was the same player we saw on film. He's a good football player. Plays break down; he gets outside of the pocket. He's tough to tackle. Most quarterbacks don't have the speed he does. So, it wasn't surprising." 

LB Brennan Scarlett

On Jackson throwing for four touchdowns and rushing for 86 yards:

"Obviously, we didn't want that to happen. He got loose more than we would have liked. He's a talented guy. We understood that he had the potential to do that, and we just weren't able to stop him today." 

CB Johnathan Joseph

On Jackson:

"He's as good as advertised. Obviously, he made a lot of plays with his legs. He made a couple of throws. He did what he was supposed to do. He went out and played winning football. I tip my hat to the kid."

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