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What the Titans Said After Their Loss in London

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry (22) runs the ball in for a touchdown during an NFL football game between the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, Sunday, Oct. 15, 2023. The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Tennessee Titans 24-16.

Head Coach Mike Vrabel

Opening statement:

"There will be some good plays in there and certainly ones in there that we have to eliminate that are getting us beat." 

What do you tell the guys at this juncture?

"I'm not going come up with that five minutes after this game. I'm going to get home and try to get these guys as healthy as possible. Figure out who needs what here in the next couple days. Some guys will need recovery. Some guys will need reps. Some guys will need to go and practice. Everybody is going to be in a different category." 

What happened on the Wildcat play called back due to penalty?

"We had a guy go down, and wanted to try to -- thought that that play was going to help us, and Nick was just a little too close to, I guess, to the guy on the line of scrimmage. Nick reported eligible, and a little too tight." 

Would you consider making a change at quarterback?

"I would consider anything that could help us win right now, and that's quarterback, you know, everything, you know what I mean. But I wouldn't say that that would be something that -- let's find out what's going on with Ryan [Tannehill's ankle]." 

How did Harold Landry III end up covering Zay Flowers on the touchdown?

"The quarterback, probably five or six seconds into the play. Playing Cover 4 down there. And he's out there standing there. It wasn't like he was running a go ball." 

RB Derrick Henry

What was going on after Tannehill's injury?

"Yeah, I mean, you never want to see one of your teammates get hurt. All you want to do is just wish the best for them. Hopefully it's nothing serious. Hopefully be able to recover quick and get back with us." 

How do you explain the second-half momentum and sluggish start?

"Yeah, I feel like we had momentum in the second half. Put some plays together. And, you know, we just didn't finish most of them with six points in the end zone. That's just on us for execution, and they were the better team." 

S Kevin Byard

Did you see a lot of Titans fans at the game?

"At times. I think kind of going into the game, we understood that a lot of the fans out here were just fans of the NFL, fans of some of their favorite players and so I think just on each side it was just rooting for big plays and things like that. But I did see a lot of Titans fans in the building and definitely appreciate those fans coming out and supporting us." 

Are you worried about the state of the season at this juncture?

"Guys are frustrated. You put a lot of time into this game, time into the week, preparing to go out there and play, and when you don't play well, it's very frustrating, especially coming off two straight losses. Yeah, it's very frustrating. So, I kind of have been speaking about it, trying to string together some wins and it's just not happening right now. We are not playing well on both sides of the ball, honestly. It's not a finger-pointing type deal. As defense, myself as captain, got to make more plays and that's the way we win ballgames. Our best players have got to play well and I don't think any of us is playing well enough to win right now." 

What do you attribute the slow start to?

"Yeah, I just attribute it to not executing, the defense, really on all sides. I know there's going to be talk about the whole travel plans. I don't think it had anything to do with that. They hit a play on third down. They hit a screen, caught us in zero blitz and they made a play. But like you said, we were able to get some stops in the red zone which were really good. I don't think we did well in the red zone on offense. And you know, had a turnover on special teams. You know, Kyle dropped the punt and they were able to get a field goal. That was a big stop, but he was able to get a field goal. We are just not playing complementary football which we are used to doing." 

Why were the Ravens able to convert 50% of their third downs?

"That's not good enough for our standard. That was a big thing; we talked about going into halftime getting off the field in third downs. Obviously, we know we can get stops in the red zone but we have to be able to get off the field on third downs because that's allowing them to continue to string drives together, string drives, string plays together. So we have to be better there."

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