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You Said It! - Quarterbacks and Kickers



On Troy Smith being a starting NFL quarterback...

Yes I do believe that **Troy Smith** can be a starting quarterback in the NFL. I believe he has the swagger and confidence and the physical abilities to be a starter. If Troy was 6'3 instead of 6'0 he would have been a first- round pick. I personally believe that Troy Smith is the best back up QB in the NFL. So yes I believe he can be a starter.

Joe WadeBaltimore, MD


On why Troy Smith will be a starter for another team in the future...

I know that Troy Smith has the ability to start in this league, although it won't be with the Ravens because **Joe Flacco** has demonstrated his leadership. He would have probably won the starting job outright had he not gotten sick last preseason. Although short in stature, his charisma and his ability will allow him to lead a franchise in this league.

Camara MckettyBrooklyn, NY


On why Kyle Boller deserves more credit...

Contrary to what most Ravens fans on the web think of Kyle Boller, I believe he got a raw deal in Baltimore. Taking a look back, his offensive line had always been much better at run blocking than pass blocking. The defense should have gotten the blame for missing the playoffs in 2004 (blowing a 17 point lead at home in December in the fourth quarter). Every other time he has been called upon to start, a large portion of starters were injured(the end of the 2005 and 2007 seasons) on both sides of the ball. Randy Hymes as your number one receiver didn't help either. Don't get me wrong he's not Peyton Manning or even Joe Flacco for that matter, but he's a quality quarterback who should be starting somewhere in this league. It was a mistake not bringing him back as the number two. Kyle keep working hard and you will be leading an NFL team to the playoffs before long, as the starter.

Kyle Greaves
Staten Island, NY


On why the Ravens should stay at no. 26 in the Draft...

I don't think the Ravens should trade down and get more draft picks. They have consistent success in the first round every year, even in the late picks. With such late first-round picks as **Todd Heap****Joe Flacco** and **Ben Grubbs** being great talents, there's no reason for the Ravens to try to get more picks. Another late pick the Ravens had, **Ray Lewis**, was picked 26th overall in the draft. What pick do the Ravens have this year? 26th. The Ravens could draft another Ray, and have similar success again, especially if they go with James Laurinaitis from Ohio State.

Joseph Peterson
Centreville, PA


On who should be the Ravens' kicker in 2009 and why...

**Matt Stover** without a doubt. He is still very accurate and when those game winning kick situations come up (Ex: Tennesee in a playoff game), you can't tell me you weren't glad it was Stover who was coming out. I knew before he kicked it that the game was over! The man is money! The first kick that a new kicker misses, the fans will be calling for his head, knowing that Matt would have made it!

Bring back Matt before another team wises up and grabs him.

Eric Hoffman
Abingdon, MD

On why having Samari Rolle back is a good thing...

Thank God we have Samari back. With such a young group of CBs, we definitely need his veteran wisdom leading this group of backs. Samari is a model of heart and determination, just like his offensive Titan counterpart **Derrick Mason**. Quietly battling through epilepsy and then coming back the following year as a solid starter is incredible. His heart personifies what is means to be a Raven defender. We need men like Samari on this football team. Props to **Ozzie Newsome** for bringing him back home!

Eric RichardBaltimore, MD

On why Troy Smith can't be a starting NFL quarterback...

Troy Smith will never be a top NFL quarterback simply because of his height. I love him, he's got a great attitude and I love when they use him like this past season, but the fact is he is not going to be tall enough to have enough presence and awareness on the field to really excel. I think he will be one of those ever dependable quarterbacks who just never stands out for play, but could get the job done.

Tim Cullison
Ellicott City, MD


On wishing former Raven Kyler Boller well...

I will always have the upmost level of respect for Kyle Boller. I wish him well and I hope he can find the confidence in himself to become a better quarterback. His play in Baltimore has given him much experience, so I hope he can capitalize on that experience to eventually become a star in this league. I will still wear his jersey with much pride.

Justin Savitski
Throop, PA


On why trading down from the 26th pick of the Draft would be a bad idea...


I don't think trading down from the 26th pick should be an option unless a team is going to give away too much. Generally that kind of move should be limited to having a pick in the top half where teams are more desperate to move up to get their prized pick before some other team snaps them up. With the uncertainty a high draft pick brings along with the money they feel they are due (that's a whole other issue) it's those 1-16 picks that a team can really clean up in a trade.

Bill Young
Baltimore, MD


On why the Ravens should move up in the Draft...

I think we do not need to move down in the Draft; if anything we need to move up. Flacco still needs a young wide-out who we could become better with. I say we trade up for Darrius Heyward-Bey. He is fast and it would be a beautiful thing to see Joe throw that long ball to him.

Nicholas Hill
Baltimore, MD


On why Matt Stover should not kick for the Ravens in 2009...

I have the highest respect and admiration for Matt Stover as a person and have always been impreseed with his great accuracy. So it pains me to say this, but 35-40 yard field goals are just not enough and it could be costing us valuable points. After 19 years and one heck of a career, Matt needs to know when to walk away and now is the right time.

Steve Thommen
Baltimore, MD


On why the Ravens brought Samari Rolle back...

I was surprised to hear that **Samari Rolle** is back with the Ravens. I think this means that the Ravens are not impressed with defensive backs in the draft this year. I thought we had enough depth in the defensive backfield including the safety position before taking Samari back.

Bob Bounds
Myrtle Beach, SC


On the Ravens' 2009 regular season schedule...

This schedule is great. It's not one of the hardest, unlike last year, which is both a plus and a minus. We finally have the Steelers at home on a prime time game, but two away games as our Monday Night games. I expect a fantastic regular season record, baring injury, which should lead to a good seeding for the playoffs.

Jesse JonesColumbia, MD

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