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On comparing Ray Lewis to Cal Ripken...

**Ray Lewis** is in his last year of his contract. If the Ravens let him go, that would be a huge mistake. He is the heart and soul of the franchise. His playing ability and leadership is priceless. How many games do you think the Ravens have won just by his will alone? He elevates the play of every player on the team. If the Ravens don't sign him through retirement, they are sure to lose fans and games. Ray Lewis is to the Ravens as Cal Ripken was to the Orioles. Ray Lewis is a Hall of Famer and in my opinion the best football player ever. He has leadership, heart, work ethic, and skills that no other player has ever possessed together. In other words sign Ray now.

Christopher Morris *Bellefonte, PA*


On the Ravens redzone offense…


Wow, we made the playoffs! This is turning out to be one of the most exciting seasons I could imagine. I believe we have a good chance of going pretty far through the playoffs. We have just one problem. When we get in the redzone we must get some touchdowns. There's no telling how many games we would have won if we could have capitalized on redzone touches. I would love to see some more of the trick plays going. **Troy Smith** has some speed that we should use. I'm not saying we need tricks but it's good to catch teams off guard. Look how well it worked against the Jags and I'm sure the Dolphins are gonna try to pull some over on us.

Charles HarshaMountain Home, AR


On two unexected teams (Dolphins and Ravens) making the playoffs…

This game was not supposed to happen in many minds. Two loosing teams from last year meet in the playoffs under rookie head coaches? Unbelievable! The Dolphins had their only win last year against the Ravens, but I see the Ravens taking the first round of the playoffs against the Dolphins. Ravens average about 24 points per game this season and the Dolphins average about 20 points per game. Pennington is going to have trouble passing on this excellent Ravens secondary with **Ed Reed** having two picks in 4 games this season. That wildcat offense is going to have trouble playing against the number 2 defense in the league and the Ravens offense is on fire. It is going to be a good game for sure.

Luke Schindler *Baltimore, MD


On putting Ed Reed in an offensive scheme…


With the many schemes we have in Baltimore, I would like to see one offensive scheme with **Ed Reed** as a wideout. That would be a unique package with Reed, **Figurs**, **Clayton**, and **Mason**. I think that would scare any D-line on how to cover Reed, Clayton and Figurs with their speed.

Frantz AltemaShelbyville, IN


On techniques used by the secondary…

Why do some defensive players hit the receivers at the line of scrimmage and some players do not? Would it be best to do that all the time to break up the route? Why are the safeties and cornerbacks not taught to look back for the ball? It floors me when I see a ball pass 2-3 inches past the defender's shoulder pads and he doesn't even look back for the football.

Mark Welborn *Pasadena, MD*


On watching this season's team grow…

Now that the regular season has ended, and before the playoffs begin, it seems the appropriate time to make this statement – from my vantage point in section 102, this has been the most enjoyable season of the 13 I have been a Ravens season ticket holder and that includes the 2000 Super Bowl season.

The bold but necessary and wise decision by a classy owner to go with his gut instinct and change head coaches. A new head coach [**John Harbaugh**] with no head coaching experience and not even the man originally offered the job but thankfully the one who accepted it. A mostly new coaching staff with the packed offensive resume of **Cam Cameron** arriving and equally packed defensive resume of **Rex Ryan** staying. A new rookie quarterback from a smaller school the Ravens moved up to draft who essentially backed in to the starting job. A fullback moved to tailback.

The new faces of players like **Lorenzo Neal**, **Jim Leonhard** and **Ray Rice**. A new and relatively inexperienced left tackle replacing the irreplaceable. A youthful offensive line with minimal experience but lots of promise. A nice mix of experience on offense and a solid defense returning. Then, injuries to key players in camp and throughout the season. Next man up. What a mix. Anything better than 5-11 would have been progress and we would have been thrilled with 8-8. 11-5 and the playoffs is remarkable. As a fan, every game was a new experience.

But, the joy of this season is not all about the end result of what happened on the field but more about watching the process of this team getting there. Besides that being a tribute to the hard work and true professionalism of every player on the roster, it is an honest reflection of the organization itself. From **Steve Bisciotti** to **Dick Cass** to **Ozzie Newsome** to **Kevin Byrne** to everyone else in the organization top to bottom, the Baltimore Ravens are the classiest organization in the NFL. Period! And frankly, we can thank Art Modell for that.

I am proud of these people and the product they have crafted. They have earned our respect, loyalty, and continued financial support as PSL owners and season ticket buyers.

Steve Bassett
North Laurel, MD


On Fabian Washinton being the team's MVP...


Many people have been saying, what makes this year's team so much better than last year's team? You could say the obvious choice in **Joe Flacco** with his poise and demeanor. You could say the coaching staff and their tremendous job, but the truth is, **Fabian Washington** might be the team's MVP this season. Last year at this time we were going through corner after corner trying to find a guy who could play. Names like Willie Gaston and Ronnie Prude come to mind. Just how valuable is a guy like Fabian to this year's team? Take a look at the Pittsburgh game. All game long Pittsburgh is shut down offensively. Fabian pulls a hammy. Pittsburgh puts together two great drives at the end to win the game. The pass defense not holding up? That sounds a lot like last year's Ravens. With Joe Flacco, Harbaugh, and all the new people, we can't overlook a guy like Fabian and what he's done to help this team.

Mark Boggs
Fredericksburg, VA


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