Videos - April 2023

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2023-04-03 Final Drive: Could Ravens Draft a Late-Round Quarterback?
2023-04-04 Final Drive: Previewing the Pre-Draft Press Conference
2023-04-05 Full Ravens 2023 Pre-Draft Press Conference
2023-04-05 Final Drive: Takeaways From Pre-Draft Press Conference
2023-04-06 Final Drive: Ravens Talk About Possibility of Adding Joey Porter Jr.
2023-04-07 Final Drive: Eric DeCosta Shares Lessons Learned from Past Drafts
2023-04-10 Pelissero: Lamar Jackson Had Been 'Actively Recruiting' Odell Beckham Jr. to Ravens
2023-04-10 Odell Beckham Jr.'s Top Career Plays
2023-04-10 Final Drive: Odell Beckham Jr's Health Looks Strong
2023-04-10 Odell Beckham Jr.’s Jaw-Dropping Highlights
2023-04-11 Ravens 2022 Year-End Review
2023-04-11 Final Drive: How Does OBJ Addition Impact Draft Strategy?
2023-04-12 Final Drive: Odell Beckham Jr. Has Landed in Baltimore
2023-04-13 David Carr: OBJ Could Have a Big Year in Baltimore
2023-04-13 1-on-1 With Odell Beckham Jr.
2023-04-13 Odell Beckham Jr.'s Introductory Press Conference
2023-04-13 Final Drive: Ravens Confident OBJ Is 'Ready to Explode Again'
2023-04-14 Final Drive: OBJ, Rashod Bateman Already Have a Connection
2023-04-17 Watch: Players Get Back to Work in Baltimore
2023-04-17 Final Drive: 3 Ravens Who Can Benefit Most From Strength & Conditioning Program
2023-04-18 Final Drive: Ravens Team Up to Help for Earth Day
2023-04-19 Final Drive: How Wide Receiver Scouting Has Changed
2023-04-20 M&T Bank Stadium Is an Icon in Baltimore
2023-04-20 Ravens-M&T Bank Announce Extended Partnership
2023-04-20 Ravens Legends Share Stories From The Bank
2023-04-20 Final Drive: Ravens-M&T Bank Partnership Is a Win for Baltimore Community
2023-04-21 2023 Ravens Earth Day
2023-04-21 Final Drive: Ravens’ Key to Cornerback Drafting Success
2023-04-24 Draft Preview: Will Ravens Make a Trade?
2023-04-24 Final Drive: Peter King's Final Pick Has Flown Under the Radar
2023-04-25 Draft Preview: Potential Surprises, Best-Case Scenario
2023-04-25 Final Drive: Be Wary of Late Draft Rumors
2023-04-26 Wired: Preparing for the 2023 NFL Draft
2023-04-26 Draft Preview: Final Ravens Picks at No. 22
2023-04-26 Daniel Jeremiah: 'Good Chance' Joey Porter Jr. Is Available for Ravens
2023-04-26 Charles Davis: Ravens Could Move Up in First Round
2023-04-26 Joel Klatt: Nolan Smith Feels Like a Raven
2023-04-26 Final Drive: Draft Buzz About Ravens Taking an EDGE Rusher
2023-04-27 Eric DeCosta's Draft Day Morning Message
2023-04-27 Rapoport: More on Ravens, Lamar Jackson Contract Extension
2023-04-27 Congratulations, Lamar
2023-04-27 Top 10 Lamar Jackson Plays of 2022
2023-04-27 Lamar Jackson’s Top Career Plays
2023-04-27 Final Drive: Ravens Already Won the Draft. What's Next?
2023-04-27 Eric DeCosta’s Message After Reaching Deal With Lamar Jackson
2023-04-27 Watch Ravens Fans at Draft React to Lamar Jackson News
2023-04-27 The Lounge Reacts to Lamar Jackson's Contract Extension
2023-04-28 Zay Flowers' 2023 NFL Scouting Combine Workout
2023-04-28 Lance Zierlein: How Zay Flowers Will Fit With Lamar Jackson, Ravens
2023-04-28 Steve Smith Sr.: Zay Flowers Reminds Me of Myself
2023-04-28 Zay Flowers Announced as Ravens' No. 22 Pick
2023-04-28 1-on-1 With Zay Flowers at the Draft
2023-04-28 Ravens Select Zay Flowers With No. 22 Pick in 2023 Draft
2023-04-28 DeCosta, Harbaugh, Hortiz Discuss Trenton Simpson Pick
2023-04-28 Zay Flowers: I Knew I Was Going to Be a Raven
2023-04-28 Highlights of New Raven Zay Flowers
2023-04-28 Behind the Scenes With Zay Flowers at NFL Draft
2023-04-28 Eric DeCosta Breaks Down Zay Flowers Pick, Lamar Jackson Extension
2023-04-28 'GMFB' Reacts to Ravens, QB Lamar Jackson Agreeing to Five-Year Extension
2023-04-28 Which First-Round WR Landed in the Best Situation? 'NFL Draft Kickoff'
2023-04-28 Zay Flowers FaceTimes Odell Beckham Jr. From Draft
2023-04-28 Inside the Draft Room When Ravens Picked Zay Flowers
2023-04-28 An Electric Day in Ravens History
2023-04-28 Jeremiah: Ravens Getting Steve Smith Sr. 2.0 in Zay Flowers
2023-04-28 Zay Flowers Introductory Press Conference
2023-04-28 Eric DeCosta's Day 2 Pre-Draft Message
2023-04-29 Trenton Simpson's 2023 NFL Scouting Combine Workout
2023-04-29 Trenton Simpson Gets Emotional After Being Drafted By Ravens
2023-04-29 Trenton Simpson's College Clemson Highlights
2023-04-29 Trenton Simpson's Zoom Call With Reporters
2023-04-29 Breaking Down Trenton Simpson's College Highlights
2023-04-29 Zay Flowers Receives Touching Message From Dad After Being Drafted
2023-04-29 Tavius Robinson's College Highlights
2023-04-29 Tavius Robinson Announced As Ravens Fourth-Round Pick
2023-04-29 Tavius Robinson's Zoom Call With Reporters
2023-04-29 Kyu Blu Kelly's Zoom Call With Reporters
2023-04-29 Kyu Blu Kelly Ravens Fifth-Round Pick Announced
2023-04-29 Kyu Blu Kelly's College Highlights
2023-04-29 Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu Announced as Ravens Sixth-Round Pick
2023-04-29 Ravens Review Day 3 Picks, 2023 Draft Class
2023-04-29 Andrew Vorhees Announced as Ravens Seventh-Round Pick
2023-04-29 Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu's Draft Day Call From Ravens