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Stadium info

Quick Stadium Facts

  • M&T Bank Stadium is 185 ft. high, which is 35 ft. above Oriole Park.
  • The 2 RavensVision video screens, located in each end zone, generate 16 million colors and at peak output consume up to 80,000 watts of electricity.
  • M&T Bank Stadium has featured other events: The NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship (2010, 2011, 2014), The U2 Concert (2011), The Men's Lacrosse Face-Off Classic (2010,2011,2012), Monster Jam, the Tottenham vs. Liverpool friendly (2012), the CONCACAF Gold Cup Quarterfinals (2013), The Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert (2013), and the Jay-Z and Beyoncé concert (2014).
  • A stone mosaic of piano keys is displayed on the stadium site.
  • The Baltimore Ravens, in partnership with the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA), have earned a LEED-certified “Gold” designation for M&T Bank Stadium from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) making it the first existing outdoor professional sports facility in the United States to receive USGBC’s Gold rating.


LEED LogoGold LEED-Certification

The Baltimore Ravens, in partnership with the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA), have earned a LEED-certified “Gold” designation for M&T Bank Stadium from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). (LEED is Leadership inEnergy and Environmental Design. LEED strives to deliver energy- and water-efficient, healthy, environmentally-friendly, cost-saving buildings, homes and communities.) M&T Bank Stadium becomes the first existing outdoor professional sports facility in the United States – including all NFL and Major League Baseball stadiums – to receive USGBC’s Gold rating. A LEED certification is recognized across the globe as the premier mark of achievement in green building.

Some of the major sustainability projects at M&T Bank Stadium highlighted by LEED include:

  • 43% water reduction with the installation of over 400 waterless urinals
  • 27% above the national average in energy efficiency
  • Offset 123,070 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Electricity at the stadium has been reduced from 15,952,984 kilowatt hours in 2005 to 10,881,579 in 2012, a savings of 5,071,405 kilowatt hours. (That savings can heat about 440 homes for a year.)
  • 71% of regularly occupied spaces have access to outdoor views

Among the efforts at M&T Bank Stadium that helped earn the Gold recognition from LEED are:

  • The stadium recycles 31% of its regular waste and is working to increase this percentage.
  • The stadium saves over 3 million gallons of water per year with waterless urinals and water-efficient restroom fixtures throughout the building.
  • All purchases for M&T Bank Stadium follow the Sustainable Purchasing Policy to include recycled, renewable and Energy Star-labeled products for the building.
  • The stadium implements a “Green Cleaning” program that improves air quality and reduces waste with green cleaning products and materials.
  • Both the Ravens and Maryland Stadium Authority encourage the use of public and alternative transportation to stadium events. 10% of Ravens fans use the MTA Light Rail service to travel to and from games. Another 2% use buses through the “Ravens Ride” program.
  • 38% of M&T Bank Stadium staff use alternative transportation to work, contributing to the stadium’s carbon footprint reduction of 123,070 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.
  • The stadium’s efficient irrigation system and adaptive vegetation reduces 30% of its potable water for outside irrigation.
  • Environmentally friendly operations and maintenance programs are used in all pest, landscape and hardscape management programs for the stadium.

Video screens

  • Each new RavensVision high definition screen measures 24 feet high and 100 feet wide. Those dimensions would equal a 1,234-inch diagonal TV screen. It would take 600 37-inch flat screen TVs to equal one of these giant LED (light emitting diode) boards. Nearly 2.5 million individual LEDs provide the image on the two screens, allowing the highest quality pictures in the brightest sunlight and at night events.
  • The high definition views allows for some of the best graphics and game action video in the league, live game highlights from around the NFL, instant replays, scores, statistics, plus player updates and features.
  • Each of the two giant screens is made up of modular LED panels - 12.6 inches by 15.1 inches. These panels were then assembled into larger sections measuring 8 by 9 feet. Each section weighs 900 pounds, and there are 33 sections on each board.
  • A new control room that can allow the high def boards to work at peak quality was designed by VPC and installed at M&T Bank Stadium by Diversified Systems, the U.S. industry leader in the construction and installation of control rooms.
  • The Ravens and the Maryland Stadium Authority shared the costs of the new boards.
  • Also new in 2010 are the more than 500 Sony flat screen, high definition televisions, which were installed throughout M&T Bank Stadium to enhance the fan's game day experience.
  • Providing even more information to fans are LED boards (800 linear feet) surrounding the field.

Shaw Sportexe Momentum Turf

  • The playing surface at M&T Bank Stadium and turf at the practice facility at the Under Armour Performance Center in Owings Mills.
  • Momentum is Shaw Sportexe's premier sand and rubber infill surface, designed to maximize player speed and performance. The turf's special mix of sand and granular rubber provides stability, traction and speed, simulating a perfect natural grass surface. This dual infill mix works in unison with high quality polyethylene fibers and a unique multi-layered backing, to provide an extremely fast, yet safe playing field. Momentum was developed by Shaw Sportexe technicians specifically for the intense, high caliber play seen at college and professional levels
  • The advanced infill system received recognition from the NFL Players Association as the field at M&T Bank Stadium was ranked sixth out of 31 fields in the Association's 2004 poll.


  • Front row seating in the lower level is six feet above the playing field, high enough to eliminate any issue with obstructed views. In addition, the front row is only a short distance of 50 feet from the playing field sidelines and 20 feet from the back of the end zones.
  • The distinctive upper seating area includes open notches in each corner of the stadium, allowing scenic views of Baltimore.


  • With a seating capacity of 71,008, M&T Bank Stadium is substantially larger than its sister baseball ballpark to the north. At 1.6 million square feet, it is nearly double Oriole Park's size. Seating for the disabled is located on every level.
  • The 8,196 club seats at M&T Bank Stadium offer extra-wide comfort, plus VIP parking, access to the club lounges serving specialty foods, fullystaffed bars, concierge services and scenic views of downtown Baltimore.
  • Each of the 128 suites at M&T Bank Stadium hold between 20-24 people and features three televisions, a private restroom, VIP parking and personal waitstaff service. Many other amenities are available to suite holders.


  • Extra-wide concourses (44-64 ft.) allow easier fan movement. Seven public elevators, numerous ramps and two escalators (to club level) assist the fan traffic.
  • There are 44 concession stands in the upper,lower and club levels with delicious game day fare, including some of Baltimore's signature favorites.
  • Club Level decor features a historical perspective of football in Baltimore highlighting great games, teams and players from the area's rich football history.