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Ravens Black in the NFL Podcast | Baltimore Ravens –

Black in the NFL with Clifton Brown

Host Clifton Brown explores what it means to be "Black in the NFL."

"When I covered my first NFL game in 1982, I noticed some people staring at me when I took my seat in the press box at the Orange Bowl in Florida. I knew why. They didn't expect to see a Black reporter covering an NFL game. I looked to my left, looked to my right, and saw no other sports writers who looked like me.

"Nearly 40 years later, there have been many changes in sports and society. But a lot hasn't changed.

"I've been covering professional sports, and some of their biggest stars, for more 30 years at the New York Times, Sporting News, Comcast Sportsnet and now here, with the Baltimore Ravens.

"It's a unique place to be and has given me new perspective on the sport and its intersection with who I am. Seventy percent of NFL players are Black. The Ravens have a Black MVP quarterback. They hired the first Black General Manager, and they have one of the NFL's most Black fan bases.

"From here in Baltimore, I will examine what it means to be "Black in the NFL," looking at the experience from many different angles and with many different voices.

"Race impacts the NFL in unique and challenging ways, whether it's noticed or unnoticed, spoken or unspoken. The time has come for us to speak about it. I hope you'll listen in."

--Clifton Brown

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Clifton Brown

Clifton Brown

Clifton Brown has covered professional sports and some of its biggest stars for more 30 years at the New York Times, The Sporting News, Comcast Sportsnet and the Baltimore Ravens, where he started in 2018.

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