Baltimore Ravens Tailgating Tips

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Tailgating Tips

How to Make Your Tailgate More Comfortable

  • Bring plenty of chairs so people aren't left standing
  • Make sure the food fits the weather (i.e. chili when it's cold or ice cold drinks when it's hot)
  • Avoid setting up in the middle of the parking lot so your party won't be interrupted by passing cars

* Please note that tents are not permitted in parking lots

How to Keep Your Tailgate Clean

  • Have plenty of trash bags on hand
  • Provide napkins for people to clean themselves with after eating
  • Avoid messy foods like saucy wings, which seem to get all over your face and hands no matter what! ]
  • If you're handling meats, be sure to bring hand sanitizer

How to Not Be Wasteful When Tailgating

  • Bring food in Tupperware so it's easy to pack up and take home when finished
  • Provide smaller portioned foods so people won't eat half and then dispose of it
  • Keep your meats wrapped and separate from other food items until you're ready to cook
  • Designate a bag for recycling

How to Make Your Tailgate Fun

  • Bring games to play like Cornhole and Ladder Ball
  • Get the music pumping to get your tailgate jumping
  • Cook-up some Baltimore favorites so you always have the home-field advantage
  • Have a "Ray Lewis Entrance" dance off

How to Make Friends While Tailgating

  • Clean-up your area when you are finished
  • Bring extra food and drinks to share with your new friends
  • Don't throw footballs too close to the grills
  • Display your Ravens pride throughout your tailgate