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Everyone loves a good comeback story, and Edgar and Allan are here for it! After they signed their contract, the first thing these brothers wanted was a Maryland Crabcake, as a crab cake from anywhere else is as bland as offense without the run pass option.

They've kept themselves busy since we last saw them. Always the bookworm, Allan was asked to be a contestant on Jeopardy. However, he was disqualified when chirping and whistling wasn't recognized as an official language. Edgar, the fitness enthusiast, entered himself in the World's Strongest Man competition, but turns out they only allow humans to compete, not birds. Edgar and Allan also got into a bit of trouble when they celebrated Purple Friday without supervision. They both say it was the others idea to take the phrase "paint the town purple" a little too literally and decided to paint random objects purple. Fortunately, the paint washed off the poodles and flamingos, eventually.

They are both thrilled to be back and are ready to see all their fans and friends in Baltimore!

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