10 Best Things About The Offseason


With the NFL on a break, last week we looked at the 10 worst things about the offseason.

But life during the offseason months isn't THAT bad, and we're all about fairness here, so let's look at the 10 best things about the next few months: 

1. Free Time

The calendar is clear. Your weekends are free.

Go ahead, celebrate.

2. Work on Your Golf Game

Dust off those clubs, it's time to hit the links.

Just remember why you're actually golfing: It's to enjoy the nice weather and a few hours outside of the house.

Nobody really counts every stroke anyway.

3. Rest

Sundays during the season are exciting and exhilarating.

But 16 weeks of tailgating, cheering and overeating can be exhausting. Use the next few months to rest and recover.

4. Basketball

Football isn't the only sport for us to enjoy.

High-flying dunks dominate the daily SportsCenter Top 10 list, and that always makes for quality viewing.

![](http://prod.static.ravens.clubs.nfl.com/http://a.fod4.com/misc/Slam Dunk Class.gif)

5. Vacation

Nobody wants to take a trip during the middle of the football season.

But now is the perfect time.

Find a relaxing beach spot and take off for a few days in the sun.

6. Less Groggy Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are bad enough.

When you add in a few Sunday afternoon cocktails and staying up late to watch the night games, Monday mornings in the fall can be brutal. You no longer have an excuse to push back that Sunday night bedtime.

Maybe you'll drop down to one cup of coffee in the morning instead of drinking straight from the pot.

7. No More Ref Complaints

If there's one thing football fans love complaining about, it's officiating.

There's not a week that goes by where football fans don't blame the refs for costing their team a win.

At least now we don't have to hear about the refs for a while.

8. Optimism

With the end of each season is the optimism that things will be better next year.

The NFL thrives on parity, and each team heads into a new season with a feeling of hope that they could be the next Super Bowl champions.

9. You Keep Your Money

Everyone has a fantasy football league, and buy-ins aren't cheap these days.

After losing your fantasy league for the last few years, take solace in the fact that you get a break from bleeding money.

10. Terrible Towels Put Away

There are few things more nauseating to Ravens fans than seeing a crowd full of fans clad in black in yellow waving Terrible Towels.

Enjoy the fact that those awful towels have been put into storage for the next few months.

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