11 Things We Learned On Joe Flacco, Justin Forsett And Steve Smith Call

The Ravens held a conference call for PSL holders Tuesday night, giving them a chance to ask questions to quarterback Joe Flacco and running back Justin Forsett.

Fans also got a little bonus when wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. jumped in on the call late to surprise Forsett and took some questions of his own.

Here's what we learned from the hour-long call:

  1. The quarterbacks who Flacco most admires from his childhood are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. They're both headed to the Hall of Fame when their playing days are over, and Flacco has watched them since his high school days. Flacco also pointed to the Saints Drew Brees as another quarterback he admired growing up.
  2. Expect to see a little more of Flacco on the move. Flacco said he's not going to adopt a run-first mentality by any means, but an area where he's trying to improve his game is by keeping drives alive with his feet when he breaks out of the pocket. "I wish I would take a couple yards here and there when given the opportunity, but I'm usually still looking to make the big play downfield," Flacco said. "I just have to get better and better and balance the**two."
  3. Flacco doesn't even know if tight end Dennis Pitta is going to play this year. "You better believe that I hope to see him out there at some point, but honestly I just don't think I could answer that because I really have no idea," he said. "I'm going to push him to get back out there, that's for sure, and I'm not going to feel bad about it either."
  4. Rookie receiver Darren Waller is a "monster," Flacco said, because of his size at 6-foot-6, 240-pound. "A guy like him gives you the ability to throw against little guys, and put the ball up here and there, which is what I like to do. I think he is going to be huge for us."
  5. Winning only 10 games this season would be a disappointment, Flacco said. He has his sights set on a home playoff game.
  6. Flacco shared his simple approach to leadership. "I think it starts with being honest and doing the right thing every day."
  7. Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch was a groomsmen in Justin Forsett's wedding. Forsett confirmed that yes, Lynch did speak at the wedding, and he even danced with the mother of the bride.
  8. The hardest hit Forsett has ever taken was from former Raven Haloti Ngata. The hit came when Forsett was in Seattle and played the Ravens, and he said Ngata "made me remember that day. … I was feeling like Jazz from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air."
  9. Steve Smith Sr. says he's taller than Justin Forsett. Smith (5-foot-9) is listed as taller than Forsett (5-8) in the team media guide, but the two of them argued about who really has the edge. "Nobody measured me," Forsett argued, and Smith quipped back, "He wasn't looking to get measured." Forsett then explained, "My height fluctuates. When I see my chiropractor, I get a little taller." Forsett also delivered the line of the night when he said, "5-8 is the new 6-6." 
  10. Forsett revealed how he ended up with No. 29. When he got to the Ravens, Nos. 29 and 33 were available, so he had to make a decision. He reached out to his old Texans teammates Arian Foster and Ben Tate, who said he should go with No. 29. He listened to their advice and the rest is history.
  11. When asked what they'll do when their careers are over, Smith came up with another great one-liner: "I have radio voice, and TV face. Justin just has a radio face."
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