83 Degreez: We'll Be Ready for G-Men


What's up Ravens fans? I'm back with another entry into the 83 Degreez blog, right before we're going to New York to play the Giants, the defending Super Bowl champs. Man, they're going to be tough and a good challenge to see where we're at. They are playing some good football right now, but you know what? We are too.

People talk a lot about how they do so much with those guys up front, and they do get some pressure on the quarterback. I think our O-line can do it, though. You can't tell me that Justin Tuck is better than Terrell Suggs, or that [Mathias] Kiwanuka is better than "Double J" [Jarrett Johnson]. Both of our guys in the locker room are just playmakers that can do it all, and that means our offensive linemen have to go against them in practice every day. We'll be ready.

It was great to see my man Todd Heap get involved and catch those two touchdowns last week. People were asking, "What's going on with Todd?" when he doesn't get on the stat sheet for a few games. Well, if you look at the tape, Todd's been doing some of our best blocking out there. We can't be running the ball like we have without Todd in there, and we've won four straight, so what does that tell you? I'm not going to argue with success.

I hope our offensive line is getting some notice, too. They deserve some credit. Having a rookie quarterback in Joe [Flacco], it's big for the line to keep him up and not give up any sacks. Look at our past opponents. We've played some pretty good pass-rushing teams already, and guys like Jason Brown and Ben Grubbs, all of them, have been doing great.

I can't wait to be a part of that group this week in New York. I've been laid up the past two games, first with the hamstring, and then I got sick. We had those two days off early last week in what was supposed to be our bye, but it wasn't a vacation at all for me. I was in bed the whole time with bronchitis. I don't think I had that since I was 10 years old. It's like getting the chicken pox when you're 30! So, I wasn't feeling too hot when the team left for Houston and I stayed back. But let me tell you, I was watching like a fan, jumping around and yelling.

Now, I feel the healthiest I have in a while. The shoulder is a little sore, but I'm fighting through that. My hamstring got some needed rest last week, and I'm over the bronchitis. Let's play some football!

Off the field, my TV show has been going great. This week, it was me, Haloti Ngata, Ray Rice and Justin Bannan out at the ESPN Zone on Tuesday. I think it's been a great way for fans to come see us as players without the facemasks and pads on. I'm happy it's a TV show, because you can really put a face with our names and numbers, know that we're real people. That's what it's all about.

And, I'm loving breaking down the games with some of my teammates every week. I think it gets better with each show. Come on down to be a part of the audience, if you get a chance at 7pm on Tuesday nights.

Oh, and I can't wait for the first Empowerment M.I.N.D.S. Foundation event we've put together during the football season. My wife, Shauna, is throwing a fashion show at the Maserati dealership in Baltimore on Dec. 16 to benefit the foundation.

I even have to walk the runway, which I've never done. I think I'll take "JB's" [Bannan's] advice and start walking around with a book on my head. Haha!

I'll keep you posted with more information as that even come closer.

Thanks, as always, for reading the 83 Degreez blog and taking time out of your day. This has been an exciting season already, and I'm happy you can spend part of it with me.

God bless,

- D. Wilcox #83

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