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Andy Reid: John Harbaugh Is 'Coaching His Tail Off'


Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid used to be, and maybe still is, one of Head Coach John Harbaugh's chief mentors. 

The two coached together in Philadelphia for nine years when Reid was the Eagles' head coach and Harbaugh was the special teams coordinator. Reid put in a good word for Harbaugh in Baltimore and the two have still remained close.

But when asked what advice Reid would give Harbaugh amidst Baltimore's difficult 4-9 season, Reid said Harbaugh has it covered.

"He doesn't need any of my advice," Reid said with a laugh. "He has done a great job, so I just have a lot of respect for John. I did when he worked with me, and I feel the same way now."

Reid and Harbaugh had a lot of success together in Philadelphia. They went to the playoffs six out of the nine years together, including one Super Bowl.

They've each done well separately since. In Baltimore, Harbaugh has gone to the postseason six out of eight seasons (including this year). Reid reached the postseason in his first year with the Chiefs (2013), and just missed the playoffs last season. The Chiefs would advance if the season ended today.

But both Harbaugh and Reid now share a new common experience of a losing season, which the Ravens are now guaranteed for the first time under Harbaugh's tenure. Reid had three losing years in Philadelphia, the last of which was at 4-12.

"Listen, he's still coaching his tail off, and he has still got young players there that he's developing right now. So, I think he's doing a heck of a job," Reid said.

"Sometimes you're dealt a hand where you get injured at key positions, and that has happened. The things that he has done with those guys that he has got there, I think is something special."

If Harbaugh wants some advice during these trying times, Reid seemed to point more toward Harbaugh's bloodline than himself.

"Those brothers are phenomenal coaches; dad was a Hall of Fame coach, so that's what he is," Reid said. "He's all in."

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