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Hiring a new head coach is a catalyst for commentary. Here is a look at what has been written about the Ravens' appointment of John Harbaugh.

The trend in the NFL has moved toward younger coaches, and's Len Pasquarelli says the hiring of Harbaugh represents a change of culture in Baltimore.

"The new mantra of the NFL, at least during the current firing-and-hiring cycle seems to be fresher is better. And it is a philosophy that Bisciotti embraced in gambling that Harbaugh, who never rose to the level of coordinator during his 10 seasons with the Eagles, will represent a dramatic change in culture..."

Harbaugh was popular with his players as a coach for the Eagles.

Pasquarelli also points out that a background in special teams can be an important precursor to a head coaching job.

"To coach special teams, a job that people in the league view as far more significant than do fans, you've got to share some of the attributes of the guys you're tutoring. It is, just like serving as the outside "gunner" on the punt coverage unit, a position created for grinders. You'd better have some want-to in your DNA, be a motivated and selfless overachiever, a person obsessed with the tiniest of details, and a man capable of subjugating personal aspirations."

Peter Shmuck of the the Baltimore Sun compliments owner Steve Bisciotti's decisiveness in adding the new head coach.

"Apparently, owner Steve Bisciotti's gut has a second gear. He didn't hesitate when that gut told him to fire Billick on New Year's Eve. He didn't either when it told him to offer the job to Garrett on Tuesday… And Bisciotti didn't hesitate this time after spending yesterday with the affable Harbaugh, who becomes only the third coach in club history."

Eagles running back and return man Reno Mahe thinks Harbaugh was an outstanding selection for the Ravens.

"He'll do a great job. Any special-teams coordinator that can make 'em compete like he did can do anything."

Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun reports there is a chance Rex Ryan could return as defensive coordinator.

*"Harbaugh has a chance to keep Ryan because they had a solid relationship during their one season together at the University of Cincinnati. In 1996, Harbaugh was the assistant head coach at Cincinnati, and Ryan was the defensive coordinator."
Randy Brown, formerly a member of Harbaugh's special teams staff and now the mayor of Evesham Township, N.J., compliments the character of the Ravens' new coach.

"He has a command and a presence that's just different. Players are captivated by his personality, and he's a very good technical coach."

Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times says that while Harbaugh was originally a dark-horse candidate, he won over the Ravens brass in the interview process.

"Harbaugh was persistent, though, and he won over a search committee headed by Bisciotti, team president Dick Cass and general manager Ozzie Newsome with his intensity, positive attitude and organizational skills."

The Baltimore Sun's Ed Lee says Ravens players were enthusiastic about their new head coach.

"His brother Jim is more familiar to his newest players, but news of John Harbaugh's ascent to the Ravens' head coaching vacancy was well received by several players last night."

David Steele of the Baltimore Sun looks at the history of new head coaches who weren't household names.

"Harbaugh is in position to follow a grand tradition in this and many sports: proving that being something other than the first choice doesn't make him the wrong choice."

Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Harbaugh's former players think he'll be a great head coach.

"Former Eagles linebacker Ike Reese said Thursday that he thought Harbaugh would make an outstanding head coach, and he credited him with making him a quality special-teams player."

Philadephia Daily News writer Les Bown says John Harbaugh is a dynamic personality, worthy of a head coaching position.

"No Eagles coach during the Andy Reid era has exuded more personality, more fire, more upbeat confidence than John Harbaugh."

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