Astronaut: Meeting John Harbaugh Stood Out From U.S. Presidents

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman is back in his hometown this week discussing his galactic travel to the International Space Station (ISS).

Wiseman spent 5 ½ months on the ISS, located in low Earth orbit. As a flight engineer, he conducted experiments and made repairs to the station.

He also had the privilege of meeting some pretty important people along the way. Wiseman spoke with former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush while aboard the ISS.

But during a ceremony in which he received a hero pin from the Baltimore County Council, Wiseman was asked if there was one person that he met during his experience that stood out most.

"I had the honor to talk to Presidents Bush and Clinton," Wiseman said. "I also had the chance to meet John Harbaugh and he really stood out. He is an amazing person with an electrifying personality."

Wiseman spoke to the Ravens before their Week 16 game in Houston. Wiseman was then stationed at the nearby Johnson Space Center while they did tests on how his body would react to being in space.

Wiseman talked to the team about the satisfaction of coming together to do something bigger than* *themselves. He spoke of the entire NASA team coming together to launch him into space, and the joy they all felt after his space walks.

He chatted with Harbaugh about his family (Wiseman has two daughters while Harbaugh has one), as well as what it's like to be an astronaut.

Wiseman, 39, is a Dulaney High School graduate who got his master's degree in systems engineering from Johns Hopkins University before becoming a U.S. Navy test pilot and ultimately landing at NASA. You can follow him on Twitter, where he posted many stunning images from space, @astro_reid.

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