Baltimore Ravens Launch NFL's First Custom Sticker Packs in Apple's App Store for iMessage


The Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday became the first NFL team to offer custom branded content for Apple Messages. Fans now have the ability to share team-branded and themed content like emoji, digital stickers and GIFs, across one of the world's most popular messaging applications.

This development occurred in conjunction with this week's release of Apple's iOS 10. Earlier this year, Apple announced that it would open its popular iMessage application to third parties. 

Three free sticker packs featuring team marks, purple-themed emoji and fan stickers are available and there are plans to release additional iMessage Apps and updates throughout the 2016 season. The packs can be downloaded from the new App Store for iMessage. 

Baltimore Ravens: Team —

Baltimore Ravens: Fans —

Baltimore Ravens: Emoji —

The Ravens partnered with Swyft Media to roll out the new iMessage Apps. Swyft allows brands to create, deliver and analyze content to many of the top mobile messaging applications in the world through tailored campaigns based on specific metrics. The Ravens previously worked with Swyft to launch the team's emoji keyboard last season.

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