Baltimore Ravens Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "Good to see everybody here. I appreciate the effort by the team and appreciate the effort by the crowd. The crowd was really into it, and that was big. I think our guys did a good job of getting them into it. Really, it's our job and responsibility as a team to do it – to get them into it. One thing about our fans – when you give them something to get excited about, they get excited really fast. And that was fun to see. We just played a really good team game. It was a team victory all across the board. When things didn't go well in one area, the other stepped up and got the job done. Obviously, [it was] a very good first half. We came out and dropped passes early on. Guys are open – they're getting open – they're running good routes, and we're just not catching the ball. But, we didn't let it overcome us. We kept fighting through it, and started moving the ball and making some huge plays. Mike Wallace really kicked us off. Joe [Flacco] and Mike with the long pass … The way we finished the half, managing the clock and managing the situation, I thought was excellent. To get that field goal, right there, there's a lot of different ways that could go. We were trying to do it one way, and it worked out another way. It worked out really well. [In the] third quarter, Matt Stafford and the Lions, obviously, that's who they are. This team [Lions] is a no-quit team. This team is coached by a great leader, [Lions head coach] Jim Caldwell. They fight like crazy. They're very talented, and they're very good on offense. And, they made some plays on offense, and had some good schemes. We didn't let that get us down. Our offense answered big time after their scores, and [we] kept scoring. To finish it off with the defense and with Eric Weddle's interception … Just a really good team win. And now we're onto the next one, which is obviously Pittsburgh."

(on CB Jimmy Smith's injury) "It looks like Jimmy has a torn Achilles. So, that's tough. He will be out for the rest of the year."

(on if the Achilles soreness he has experienced this season led to the tear) "That's such a good question. I would suspect that would be the case, but the doctors will tell you that you just can't predict that. If you have the tightness or the soreness, it doesn't lead to Achilles, you know? Doing it for all of these years, I've seen it not tearing, and I've seen them tear. Obviously, that's what you kind of suspect, but that's not what the doctors tell us, so that's why guys continue to play. It would be a better question for someone who knows what they're talking about, probably."

(on how disappointing this is for him after he has played so well this season) "It really is, he has played so well. He has played, I think, at an All-Pro level this year. Even making the adjustment when he got out of the game, I think … And we have really good players. They kind of pulled it together after those drives. But, when he was out, it probably did make a difference. It's different than it has been before. We have a lot of depth. We have a lot of good, young players. We'll step up, and we'll still play really high level in the secondary. I'm really confident in that."

(on what he saw from CB Marlon Humphrey after Jimmy Smith's exit from the game) "That's the thing about Marlon. Those are jump balls, you know. That particular coverage, that Marvin [Jones Jr.] made the play over the top, it was a coverage that [Marlon] should have been on top of, and he knows that. He let Marvin get a step or two on him, and he had to come back. That's just technique. He normally does better than that with technique. That will happen when you don't play a good technique. One thing about Marlon, he doesn't let it get him down. He doesn't get overwhelmed by situations. He's a very poised, very confident guy, and he came back and made a huge play."

(on if he feels that CB Marlon Humphrey is a self-starter, or if he has to be motivated externally) "He is a self-starter. He really is a self-starter. But, I think more than anything … Because he's not just a guy that's going to … You don't have to prod him really, to calm him down – because he's new to it. He's young, he's a rookie. [You just have to] let him know, 'OK, it's about the next play.' These guys are going to make plays every now and then, and you have to play the next play."

(on what this win does for the offense moving forward)  "Well, Joe [Flacco] answered that question really well. I thought he answered it perfectly well. Really, it's a team game. Every game is going to play out differently. Next week is going to be a different game than this week. We have to find a way to win the next game, using all three phases. You know, pulling together and doing your best. Really, that's what it's all about. A little bit better, at this time of year, goes a long way. If you continue to improve in every area, just a little bit, it will pay off for us."

(on how satisfied he was that the offense answered back when the Lions started to come back) "I'm very pleased with that. Very pleased. The fact that the offense was able to answer when the defense got on the ropes a little bit, I think, is what makes it such a great team victory. Hey, we were in the team huddle at the end, and handing out the game balls … I meant to give a game ball to the scouts. The scouts are here [in town]. I'm sorry scouts – I meant to do it – I got caught up in the moment. It's in the mail. *(laughter) *The scouts have been amazing, and they put together this young football team, which is a credit to Ozzie [Newsome, Ravens general manager] and that whole department … 'Sizz!' [Terrell Suggs] So, we're talking about the offense, and 'Sizz' pointed out the offensive line. I thought the offensive line … And I mentioned the offense, and the offense got a game ball … But the offensive line really stepped up and gave Joe [Flacco] time to get the ball down the field. We ran the ball well, the backs ran hard, and we did it in a situation where we felt pressure. All of a sudden, you felt like you weren't going to get them stopped, it didn't seem like, but the offense kept answering. That's what team victories are all about."

(on if he ever takes for granted the consistency of K Justin Tucker) "That's not something to be taken for granted – Justin Tucker – at all. And it's him, and the operation. [Detroit] is probably the best field goal-rush team that most people don't notice. This is a great field goal-rush team. Our guys held up on the front. The snap, the hold, the kick – were amazing. The protection was amazing, against a rush team that really brings it. That was a difference in the game."


Ravens RB Alex Collins suffered a significant migraine headache after the game, and team doctors suggested he shouldn't do any post-game interviews.

QB Joe Flacco

(on how good it feels for the offense to play so well) "Obviously, it feels good to have a good day every day. I thought it was good to get going early. You go into this game, you're up 20 at halftime. When you watch the Detroit Lions and watch their games on TV and watch them as a whole, you know that they come out and perform well in the second half, and at some point, they're going to make a push. So, I really feel good about how we responded…in the second half, and we were able to keep putting the ball in the end zone as well."

(on the first big play of the game, to WR Mike Wallace, and if it sparked the offense) "We thought we could get that; Minnesota kind of hit them on something similar, and it definitely was key. We came out of the huddle, and I saw the safety down low on the side and definitely thought we were going to have a shot at it, and he went and got the ball. Then, obviously, it's huge to get in the end zone at that point, too. We've struggled to get the ball in the end zone at times, and it was really big to get [one there]."

(on if this is more like the level he'd like to see the offense playing at) "Hey, we all know what the other level is. I think we've been winning football games because we've been purposely playing a style of football, a physical brand of football, and that's how we've been winning football games. Sometimes, we need to find a way to convert that into points on offense, and today was one of those days. But you can't just take today for granted and say 'OK, it's going to happen every week from now on.' We've still got to get back to work and go do the same things week in and week out and put points on the board. We got guys involved today, and guys got a little pep in our step. I think we did a good job getting our legs back under us coming off a Monday night game. That was huge."

(on how much getting more players on offense back helps) "It helps if you have everybody that you want to, up and ready to go. Obviously, throughout the course of the season, you're dealing with things that you can't control. You just have to make the most of it. It definitely helps to have the same group week-in and week-out, so you can have the same 11 guys plus a couple, getting better with each. When you try to get better as a group, and you're going to take guys in and out, obviously it makes it a little more difficult. But it's something we have to adapt to. I'm sure we're not dealing with situations like that. We're going to have to make the most of them."

(on if he was happy with how aggressive things were on offense in the second half) "I mean, listen, these games, a lot can happen very quickly. If you're playing well, if you're not getting first downs, things can change quickly. So I was definitely happy with the way we responded. We were able to put the ball in the end zone."

(on if a performance like this is a bit of a relief for the offense) "Hey, that's the name of the game. Part of what we do is dealing with stressful situations and people saying that we're not good enough. So, no, I'm not relieved. I feel good that we won a football game because we went out there and played well. It's not relief. There's not much better [feeling] in the world than winning a football game. We know how hard it is each week. We're doing the most we can. It's not just relief for a week. That's not relief anyway. We've just got to go out there and continue to play well. We're going to go out there and do the best we can [to] win football games. That's our mindset. We're going to put our best foot forward. We're also going to deal with the consequences. That's just what we do. We stand up here and deal with whatever the situation is, and we meet it head-on."

(on what this win can do for the confidence of the offense) "I think it's more than just the offense. I think it's the whole team. You can feel the energy in the stadium when you get going like that. When you score touchdowns on offense; all of a sudden, they bring it within seven points, and you go score a touchdowns, you can feel the energy when the defense takes the field again. I think that's why it helps everybody. But it goes without saying that it helps our confidence and pushes us forward."

(on if a game like today gives him confidence that the Ravens could have a shot at the Super Bowl) "It's late in the season; it's December. We pride ourselves on playing good football in December. It hasn't been ideal to this point, but we have set ourselves up to the point where we are playing meaningful December football, and that's one of the goals at the end of the day. We're going to continue to do that, and yes, a game like this, late in the year versus a team that's also trying to make a push for the playoffs, can definitely do a lot for our confidence."

S Eric Weddle

(on how this felt after the offense stepped up after saying it would happen) "Everyone looked at me crazy when I said that – maybe rightfully so, maybe not. But I have belief in this team, our quarterback, what we're doing offensively, the weapons we have. Confidence is a big deal. We were reeling there for a little bit in the second half. We didn't match their intensity at all, defensively, with a second-half team that's one of the best in the league coming out. So, kudos to our offense for not just standing up to the Lions, but extending our lead when we needed it. We needed them to respond because we weren't playing very well in the second half, and all the credit goes to them. I said, and I still believe that, [there will be] games where they're going to have to score; it's going to be a shootout. They showed tonight they could do it."

(on what this win and the performance of the offense does for the team's confidence) "We're a confident bunch, and I think over the last three weeks, we're building towards the team that we envisioned, and we're playing well at the right time. That's the biggest thing. The team that's playing the best in December, and is most healthy and strong going down the stretch, usually gets in and makes noise. We haven't done anything yet. We're just still in the mix. We're still trying to find our way. Our offense really showed tonight that they can carry us in stretches when we need it. Going forward, these last four games, we're going to need that high level of play every week."

(on what it says about the defense that it struggled at times but still made key plays later) "It was big. [Matthew] Stafford is a great quarterback. The stats were a little ballooned, but you take away the two jump balls, three jump balls, he's just throwing it up. We played well in the secondary. We've never strayed away from the confidence, and what we are. We just had to…get back to playing our style of ball. Be aggressive, play fundamentals, trust that your team's going to be there. When the ball's in the air, we've got to go make it. I mean, there's too many times the ball's in the air, we didn't make the plays – credit them. But at the end of the day, two turnovers in the fourth quarter, and to take the ball away three times, and we don't turn it over at all, we're going to win a lot of games doing that."

(on if he's been part of a defense that's made so many big plays so often) "We just take it upon ourselves. I think halfway through the season, we just felt that the way our team is designed, and until our offense brings it up, that we have to go win games. We have to play it's now or never, that this play could be the difference from winning and losing. So you all take that approach, and every one, all collectively, are so focused on one play at a time that when it gets down to crunch time, I don't think the pressure brings us down. I think the pressure raises us up. Yeah, it's winning time, let's go get it. Let's go get the ball. When you have everyone really honed in and thinking like that, great things can happen."

(on seeing CB Jimmy Smith go down and how tough it was to watch) "He's been a tough sucker this year. He's been battling through that Achilles all season, basically the last six to eight games, not practicing all week. We know, as players, when you're battling through an injury like that, it's only time. You've just got to keep going till it goes. Richard Sherman said the same thing. So, it's unfortunate. But our secondary is the strength of our team. So, we're not going to sit back and be sorry for ourselves. [CB] Maurice [Canady] is back. [CB] Marlon [Humphrey] has got to step up. [CB] Jaylen [Hill] has got to step up. That's why we have so much depth. Will the guys be as good as Jimmy? No. But we'll step up and play well in his absence."

TE Benjamin Watson

(on today's win) "We're happy where we are. We're happy with winning, obviously. Anytime you win a game in this league, it's important. Going to Pittsburgh is going to be tough. Both teams are going to have to be ready. We're going to prepare this week and try to go into Pittsburgh and get a win."

(on his touchdown catch) "Great call by [Offensive Coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg], and a great throw by Joe [Flacco]. It's a play we have had in the offense for a while, but you only get a certain amount of opportunities to use your goal-line passes. We did catch them with two big back-to-back passes."

(on the team executing third downs) "That's important because we talk about keeping drives alive and keeping our defense off the field, allowing them to rest. We haven't done a very good job with that this year. Third-down conversions, when you look at that in a game, and you look at the stats and everything, third-down conversions are big because they extend drives and eat up the clock. "

(on the Ravens' running game) "We always want to come in and establish the running game. That's something that we're always committed to. Sometimes it works better, sometimes it doesn't. Especially in the second half of this game, fourth quarter and late in the third quarter, we were establishing the running game and being able to run the ball down the field. The offensive line and the tight ends were pushing guys around, and the backs were running hard. That's really how you finish games."

(on whether today's win is a big relief for the offense) "I don't know. I really wouldn't call it a relief. I think we're still working to get better. If we look at the film, there are still plays we should have made all the way around. There's going to be corrections to be made. It's satisfying to score some points, but, you know what, we have a lot of important football games to play, and we're going to have to play better."

(on why he's downplaying the offense) "I'm not really downplaying it, but you understand, in seven days we have another game and it's going to be important for us to do things better. You enjoy the win, you look at the film, and you congratulate guys who did well. Coaches will coach us up on what we didn't do well. Understand we have another game to play against a very good opponent."

(on continuity of the offense) "You talk about injuries, and injuries are a big part of football. It's something everyone deals with. You go into the training room on Monday's and see how many guys are in there and how many guys are unable to play. That's going to happen in this league. To have guys being able to practice, to have, as you call it, continuity from week to week is very important. Those guys will get used to working with each other. The coaches can game plan because they know who will be playing and who's not going to be playing. While injuries are a part of football, it's always great when you have guys there."

(on Ravens' DL/FB Patrick Ricard) "I'm super excited for him. When we called the play, I knew it was going to be either him or Nick [Boyle] who was going to score the touchdown. I didn't know which one. They dropped off on Nick, and so Joe [Flacco] threw it to Pat. He's a guy that's come in as a rookie as a defensive lineman, and we've moved him over to tight end. He knows nothing about offense. We've taught him so much, and he's absorbing it. He's come in and played great in short yardage, the run game. HHe's a big guy, very versatile, very athletic. So, I'm happy to see him catch a pass and score a touchdown. We've been practicing that play for a while. To see him actually get that in a game is pretty awesome."

(on CB Jimmy Smith's Achilles injury) "I saw him on the field. You kind of know what it is because it's happened to you before. Seeing him go down and seeing them carry him off, it just brings back horrible memories. I know he's going to be back. Jimmy's a fighter, and Jimmy's one of the best athletes I've ever been around. There's no doubt he'll be back soon. I don't know the extent of it, but I know it's pretty bad. I was able to say some words to him as he was coming off. I also know when you're coming off the field and that happens, it's kind of a blur. I'll definitely be in touch with him."

DT Brandon Williams

(on the win) "I'm proud of the defense. I'm proud of the guys who I go to battle with every day, every week, every Sunday. We're stacking in wins, we're staying focused, we're playing Raven football."

(on making the Lions one-dimensional) "It's very important, because now they only have half the playbook. If they can't run the ball, then we know they're going to run it. We've got guys like [Matthew] Judon and 'Sizz' [Terrell Suggs] to work on the edges."

(on CB Marlon Humphrey replacing CB Jimmy Smith) "He had to get in the game and feel things out. Hopefully, Jimmy will get better soon. Marlon came in there and did the job. He got beat a little, but, in the end, he made up for it. That's all we want him to do is keep fighting, and that's what he did. He kept fighting, and we're happy for that."

(on whether he taught CB Maurice Canady to hit the quarterback) "No, he learned that himself. When you're a Raven, that's just in your D.N.A."

OLB Matthew Judon

(on the win) "It feels good to come out here and get three straight. We are building towards the playoffs. It's December football. You've got to win. We dropped a few games early in the season. We put ourselves in that predicament, but we are where we want to be right now. Our destiny is in our own hands."

(on the defense creating turnovers) "It's a momentum shift. In the second half, they came out and got a couple drives going, but we got some picks that killed their momentum. Then, we started getting some hits on the quarterback after we got a couple of turnovers because we had them in the situation where they had to put the ball in the air."

(on pressuring the quarterback) "We want him to get off the mark. We don't want him standing back there five yard in the pocket and feeling comfortable. We want to get him off the mark and force him to try and make plays on the run and try to have his receivers covered. We have great DBs back there. If we get him off the mark, our DBs will definitely make the plays."

(on CB Marlon Humphrey's interception) "That was huge. That really helps Marlon's confidence. It can be a confidence killer when you're a young guy, and they hit you on a couple of deep routes. He's a baller, we all know that he can play, and he came out there and made that huge play for us. That kind of turned the tide, and we started running away with it."

(on stopping the Lions' running game) "We did what we had to do. We held the edge, made them one-dimensional. Once that happens, we can pin our ears back and get to the quarterback."

WR Mike Wallace

(on how important his long catch was to spark the team) "It was probably like the 15th-biggest play of the game. My teammates made some big plays throughout the game. Mine was small compared to the plays some of those other guys made."

(on if him making big plays elevates everyone around him) "Yes, that is what I always tell my coaches. I just want to make spark plays. That does so much for the team, people just don't even know. It does a lot for the fans, it does a lot for you all [media], it does a lot for us- everybody. It is just excitement. Excitement happens when you make plays like that. So it makes [Matt] Judon come off the edge faster, it makes 'Sizz' [Terrell Suggs] come off the edge faster, it makes Eric [Weddle] back-peddle faster, it makes everybody get hype. So you need those plays throughout the game, [and] we were able to make them. We made a lot of those plays."

(on if this is what the offense clicking looks like) "Yes, honestly, we left a lot of plays out there. That is crazy to think we had…if you all watch the film, you'll see we left a lot of plays out there. We took a step in the right direction, but we still got a lot of potential. We have a lot of players, but we just have to max it out. Once you're going in the right direction, like we just did at the right time, which is right now in December football, that is all you can ask. Hopefully Sunday night, we take a next step and have a better game."

(on the importance of scoring when the Lions made it a one-possession game) "Well we have to do our part at some point, right? The offense, we have to come up. Our defense has been incredible. Our special teams has been incredible. The offense, not so much. Today we made strides, and this game is about peaking at the right time, so hopefully we can do that."

(on how good this team can be if the offense is clicking) "We can be Super Bowl-good. I said it last week and the week before, our defense is championship ready. It's about our offense being championship ready. If we do our part, we'll get there. If we don't, we won't get there. But I have all the confidence in the world in my guys. I love these guys, and I know we'll go in the right direction when we need to, which is right now. Stay tuned. Sunday night we'll be there in the stadium, and we'll do this again Sunday night, hopefully."

(on how meaningful it is to go to Heinz field on a three-game winning streak) "Honestly I don't care about that. I just want to win, week-in and week-out. It doesn't matter if we're 15-0, if we lose, I would feel like we're 0-15. I would be hurt. It doesn't matter how many games we win at a time, it's about that game right there. This next game is huge for us, just to take a step in the right direction. These guys came to our field and beat us last time, so it's our turn to return the favor."

DL/FB Patrick Ricard

(on the last time he scored a touchdown) "Probably 2011, my senior year of high school."

(on what position he was playing when he scored his last touchdown) "I was playing fullback."

(on where his touchdown reception will rank in his sports memory in his career) "It is up there. It is Top 5. Making this team is probably No. 1. In high school, I went undefeated and won a state championship with my brother and a bunch of good guys I grew up with. Getting a scholarship to college was great and winning a championship there, but this is definitely up there."

(on the emotions of scoring a touchdown) "It doesn't really feel real. I was just really happy. Joe threw a perfect pass to me and I scored to help this offense out. I know everyone at home is going to be real happy about it, because I haven't scored a touchdown since high school. I'm just really happy to help this offense out."

(on if he ever thought he would be in this position) "No. When I first signed here I just wanted to make the team. If they wanted me for my effort, they were going to get that. They wanted me to play fullback and defensive line so it's exciting. I never thought I'd be the fullback for the Ravens. If you told me that my sophomore year of high school I wouldn't have believed that. I just scored a touchdown today though, and it's unbelievable."

(on how he builds on his performance) "I'll just watch the film and see the little things I can get better at. Things I did well, I'll keep on doing that and just go day-by-day."

DT Willie Henry

(on the importance of this win) "It was big. We've never had three straight this year, so getting three straight is huge. Who wants to end the season and not be in the playoffs? We know how important it is to win out. The offense fought, the defense fought, and that is what helped us get the 'W'."

(on what it's like playing with OLB Terrell Suggs) "What is it like playing with a first ballot Hall of Famer? It is like something you dreamt about. It makes you realize with a lot of hard work and dedication, one day you'll be lining up next to one of the best to ever do it that you can call your teammate and get after the quarterback. That is something I love to do as much as him, so it is good when you can play next to a guy that has been playing for 15 years and does the same thing you do – get after the quarterback."

(on how excited he was for DL/FB Patrick Ricard's TD) "It felt good. Because as you know, Patrick started out as a defensive lineman. We saw the transformation throughout the year, with him getting reps at fullback in the plays at practice. It was just exciting to see Patrick finally get his first touchdown in a NFL game."

(on how the team builds off this performance) "We go back to work. We look at the film and see what we can get better at. Whether that is stopping the run – because they had a lot of big runs in there – or stopping the pass. We can do a better job of getting after the quarterback, so we can help our secondary more."

(on if he had faith the offense would click) "Of course. Since the beginning of the season, they have had that fight. There are a lot of people outside of the locker room who don't see it, and they judge. But I know the type of guys we have in the locker room, and we have nothing but fighters here. That is what the Ravens always have, nothing but fighters. I knew even if it took time, the guys in this locker room would fight whether it's a Sunday, Monday or Thursday night game. Everyone in this locker room that dresses is willing to fight. Even the guys that are on the practice squad or don't dress, if they got their chance, they would be willing to fight and help the team."

CB Brandon Carr

(on starting to win some football games) "We're starting to play three phases. The offense is putting points on the board and we're playing complimentary football. We had a good first half. The second half the defense kind of slowed and the offense stepped up and picked up the slack for us. That's what it's going to take for us to win down the stretch."

(on the Lions fighting their way back into the game) "They came out and made some plays against us in the second half. Give it to them, but at the same time our offense came up clutch for us, kept the ball going, kept points on the board and just played possession with the clock, so it was pretty good."

CB Marlon Humphrey

(on his interception) "We were in zone coverage. The quarterback [Matthew Stafford] started scrambling out. I saw it coming a little deeper and I think Marvin [Jones] kind of misjudged it a little and I was right there to make the play."

(on his ability to forget plays) "That's one of the hardest things to do at cornerback. When you make a play you have to move on to the next one. When you let up a big play you have to let that go. I let two big ones up today. It was looking pretty rough, but I just played on and got to the next one. I was able to come up with one a little late there and help us get back on track."

(on the difference between the defense in the first half and the beginning of the second) "Honestly, it was probably me. I let up those two big passes. I mean there were other things, small things. But the two big chunk plays I gave up, the two easy ones. Just bad eyes on my part, and then I panicked a little bit when the ball was in the air. But T-Sizzle [Terrell Suggs] got us together and told us we needed to put on our Ravens hats for the next nine minutes and that's what we did."

(on the offense) "The offense really picked us up today. That was the best offensive performance we've had all year. I don't think many people were expecting that. I didn't hear many boos from fans either. So, that was good. But from my perspective, lots of points, lots of first downs, they kept drives going and that was really huge for us."

(on the loss of CB Jimmy Smith) "I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet, but I'm sure I'll send him a text tonight. I'm sure his phone is blowing up right now. So I'll probably go to his house tonight and check on him. It's a huge loss for us, very emotional, but we need to move on. That's just the nature of the game."* *

OLB Terrell Suggs

(on his message to the team on the sideline) "I think we just got a little frustrated. I think we just got a little amped up, and everybody was itching to make a play. But I've been around the game a long time, and you have to understand, as long as you have the lead, you still can win the game. I just wanted to convey that to the guys. I've been in a lot of games around here. I've won every type of way. I've lost every type of way. So I just wanted to make sure they knew that and that, we were OK."

(on his team's offensive performance) "Those are our brothers. We know what they can do. We know how hard they work. It was just momentum. Once they get rolling and start feeling good about themselves, good things can happen for you. So, good job for them, but we have four more left. And we're probably going to need all of them to get in. They really had our backs today."

(on Matthew Stafford) "That guy is a baller. He showed why they gave him that check. He's a baller. That's why he's getting paid. He had us a little bit off balance. And us losing Jimmy [Smith] was tough. He's a leader on this team and that got our spirits a little down. Finally, we came back to the locker room and found out we'd lost him. But we had to respond, we had to get over it. That hurts. But we have the best training staff in the NFL. They'll get him back. I went through it twice, and they got me back. Jimmy [Smith] will be back next year full fledge and be one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL."

(on the defense facing a top-notch quarterback) "I think his QBR was off the chains today. At one time I looked up on the scoreboard, and he was 15-for-19, or something like that. That kid's a baller, and you want to play against the best in the league. He really had that offense going, and they scored 20 in the second half. That was huge for them, but we responded. Our offense did a great job of having our backs. Our offensive line held them off. They played sensational, outstanding, so a shout out to our offensive line. We have four left now and a big one next week."

(on his defense coming up with big plays) "It feels good, but we would like to not have to put ourselves in a position to need those big plays, especially letting them back in the game in the second half. November and December football is playoff football every week, and we have to do that. It was emotional losing Jimmy, but we have to respond. Offense played great all day; they had our backs. We're going to build off that. Last week it was penalties, this week it was Matthew Stafford. Him and Golden Tate. We're going to adjust some things. We're going to enjoy tonight, but we have four more left."

S Tony Jefferson

(on the defense closing it out) "That's something we've harped on all year, is finishing. We kind of came out a little flat in the second half and gave them some momentum. But we got it ourselves, and made some big plays."

(on if there was a turning point in the fourth quarter) "We just stuck to our fundamentals. We got out of our fundamentals coming out of the half. But once we started playing our ball, it's tough to hang with this defense."

(on the loss of CB Jimmy Smith) "I love Jimmy Smith. He's a fighter. He's gone through a lot throughout his career trying to stay healthy. It sucks. He was having an amazing year. Much prayers out to him. He's like a brother to us and we have to make him feel better through this tough time for him. At the same time, the next guy has to step up. We all know in our hearts that we have to win this for 'Jimbo.' He's been here his whole career. He means something to this organization."

(on CB Marlon Humphrey) "I told him in this league you have to learn how to go on to the next play and move on. It's the next play that matters. It's funny, because I told him this week, earlier,

'We're counting on you. This defense, we need you.' He was really locked in this whole week to take care of his body and his mind. He started to look like a pro. I'm happy and excited for his growth."

CB Maurice Canady

(on his hit on QB Matthew Stafford) "A shout out to our coverage. It was a great disguise by the whole defense. I was able to cause a great play, which helped cement the game."

(on CB Jimmy Smith) "It's always the next man up. I've been out for a year in total, almost two, so it's hard, But it is the next man up in this game."

(on the emotions of going down with an injury) "It's tough, but it comes with the territory. We play a very violent game and you have to thank God for coming out healthy every week."

(on facing QB Matthew Stafford) "We treat all of the quarterbacks the same. They're in the NFL because they're good. You can never get too high, or too low, depending on who you play. Kudos to defensive coordinator [Dean Pees] for coming up with the game plan. He had a great game plan and we executed."

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