Bryant McKinnie, John Harbaugh Have Positive Talk


Offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie is back. But that doesn't mean he's on the field yet.

After missing four practices to open training camp, McKinnie reported to the team's facility and met with Head Coach John Harbaugh Sunday.

"He and I had a long conversation, a very good conversation," Harbaugh said.

"Like I've said many times, I think the world of 'B-Mac.' I do believe he is a hard worker. I do believe he has been working hard, but he is not ready to practice yet. When he is ready to practice, he'll be out there."

McKinnie started the process of getting his physical Sunday and finished Monday.

The 6-foot-8 tackle was trying to get his weight down to 345 pounds. Upon arriving in Baltimore, McKinnie told the Carroll County Times that he believed he was under 350, but didn't know the exact weight after having a few days of inactivity with an injury.

McKinnie told Harbaugh he fell and strained a muscle in his back. The 11-year veteran told media that the fall happened in his Florida home after slipping.

"It was great to see him and talk to him and visit," Harbaugh said. "That was great. I wouldn't characterize it with any emotion. There's really not any big emotion behind it."

Michael Oher has taken over at left tackle in the meantime, and Harbaugh has said he will stay there until further notice.

Rumors surfaced that team may want to move on from McKinnie, but when asked whether he has a chance to be part of the team, Harbaugh confirmed that he does.

However, it appears there will be a competition for both tackle spots in training camp once McKinnie is able to step on the field.

"It's not ideal in the sense that I'd love for Mike to be settled on one side or the other," Harbaugh said. "But by the same token, that's what it is. We're going to play our best five guys."

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