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Buck Allen's Emotional Touchdown Dance A Tribute To Late Friend


Running back Buck Allen knew he would take full advantage of his first trip to the end zone when he finally got the opportunity. He said three weeks ago, "when that time comes, you best believe I'm going to enjoy it."

That time came Monday night against the Browns, as Allen scored on a 13-yard reception. When he crossed the goal line, he quickly hopped to his feet and broke out a dance he had saved for the moment.

Allen explained after the victory over Cleveland that the dance wasn't a bit of showmanship, but a tribute to a good friend who recently died.

"The dance I did was for my [friend], you might as well call him my family member," Allen said. "He passed away in a motorcycle accident. That was his dance. He was the best one at that dance."

Allen actually talked to his friend's brother leading up to Monday's game, and gave him a heads up that he had something special in the works.

"I told his brother before the game if I scored, I would do the dance for him," Allen said.

"It was a great feeling. God works in mysterious ways, and for Him to answer your prayers is amazing."

Buck Allen explains his emotional TD celebration: — Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) December 2, 2015

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