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C John Urschel/QB Keith Wenning Conference Call Transcript

On how it feels to be a Raven: "It feels fantastic. Believe me, I'm honored and I'm humbled."

On if he can teach the Baltimore reporters statistics: "If you want to get something going, we can get a blackboard. *(laughter) *Listen, I'll do whatever they need."

On how his intelligence translates to football: "I think it definitely helps. I really take the mental aspect of the game very seriously, especially when it comes to breaking down film, seeing what my opponents do, even just in how I look at the defense on a given play just trying to see what they're showing me [and] what they're trying to do."

On balancing academics and football: "There was definitely a balance there, but honestly, I really enjoyed doing both. Believe me, that's just what I loved to do, from when I woke up to when I went to sleep. I'm really excited to be able to focus on football now all day, every day."

On his academic interests: "I got my undergraduate [degree] in math at Penn State. I got my master's [degree] in math. I've published a few papers; I've done some research. But now it's time to focus on football, and I'm really shutting that chapter in my life down for a while so I can just focus on being exclusively a football player."

On if teams asked him if football was his primary focus: "That was never really a question by any team, except for right before when the Baltimore Ravens called me right before they drafted me. They asked me that question before they drafted me. I guess I passed with flying colors." (laughter)

On who asked him the question regarding his focus on football: "It was one of their scouts."

On what position best suits him in the NFL: "I'm going to play all three interior positions – both guards and center."

On what he brings to the football field: "My intelligence certainly helps, but I feel like I really bring a toughness, a real get-after-it attitude, and that's something I really take pride in."

On using martial arts to prepare for the draft: "Listen, I'm in great shape. I'm in the best shape of my life. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I just want to be able to make the most of it."

On if the martial arts training helped him: "It definitely ties in [to] muscle conditioning, strength on my punch, being able to punch and move my feet independently of each other. These are important things for an offensive lineman."

*QB Keith Wenning CONFERENCE call


On what he thinks he'll bring to the Ravens: "I think I'm a good competitor with a good skill set at the quarterback position. I'm not going to come in and try to beat out Joe Flacco. He's the starter; he's the man. I feel like he is a great quarterback that I can learn from. I feel like I can come in and push [and] try to make other guys around me better."

On learning from QB Joe Flacco: "I think it's a great opportunity. Not everybody gets that opportunity to play behind a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I'm going to take full advantage of."

On if he thought Baltimore was a potential landing spot for him: "Yes, talking with them and taking my visit there, it was a great visit. Meeting with the coaches and the front office personnel, it was great. I knew it was a possible chance, and I'm just thankful that they took a pick on me."

On playing in clutch situations: "The more you get to know me, I feel like I'm really composed as a player. My composure, that's just the way I play the quarterback position. I'm always calm and cool under pressure. I feel like if you do what you practice and everything that you've been through, you're able to rise in those types of situations."

On if it is encouraging to see former MAC players succeed in the NFL: "Absolutely. There have been a good amount of quarterbacks from the MAC that have gone on and had great careers and long careers in the NFL. You see that, and you try to do the same thing and follow in their footsteps and continue that trend."

On if he talked with head coach John Harbaugh about MAC football: "Yes, we did on the visit. He is a great coach, first off. I'm excited to get there and get started."

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