Cam Cameron: Offense Hasn't Played Its Best Yet


The Ravens offense has been the talk of the town through the first month of the season, but the unit isn't satisfied.

Cam Cameron's group is among the NFL's best, as the Ravens currently rank in the top five in total yards, passing yards and points scored.

Even after the hot start, the best might still be yet to come.

"All of our guys would agree we have not played our best offensive football yet," Cameron said Thursday. "We haven't played as well as we're going to play."

A specific area where Cameron would like to see the offense improve is on the number of self-inflicted errors. The Ravens have nine false start (7), illegal formation (1) or delay of game (1) penalties on the season, and those miscues were especially evident in last week's win against the Browns.

The Ravens had five pre-snap penalties against the Browns and scored on just one of those drives. The penalties forced the Ravens into long-yardage situations on second and third downs – they faced second down and at least 10 yards 13 times in the game – which stalled drives and kept the Browns close.

"If we can just eliminate the false starts, eliminate the penalties, eliminate those kinds of things – really unforced errors – that's the area we can improve in the most," Cameron said. "If we can stay on schedule on first and second down so that we are in third-and-manageable, we are going to be in pretty good shape."

A positive for the offense is that they are limiting the turnovers, even in the pass heavy, up- tempo offense. Quarterback Joe Flacco has been picked off three times and the Ravens have given up the ball a total of four times, which is tied for the third lowest total in the league.

"As long as we're taking care of the football, those are the stats that are most important to us," Cameron said.

Heading into Sunday's game against Kansas City, the Ravens will face a Chiefs defense that has been suspect at times. The Chiefs have allowed 30.5 points per game, third most in the NFL, and the Ravens will look to build upon an already-impressive start to the season with another strong showing.

"We think we're an improving offense," Cameron said. "Early in the year, I think that's the important thing – that we just keep getting better no matter what we were ranked. That would be our same approach."

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