Can Curtis Painter Prove Ravens Should Keep Three QBs?


Curtis Painter has a final shot to show the Ravens that he deserves a spot on the roster.

The four-year veteran has been the No. 3 quarterback throughout the preseason, and the Ravens have not decided whether to keep two or three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster.

"All I can do is go out there and hopefully show them that I can make this team better and if I can do that, then hopefully there's a spot," Painter said.

The Ravens only carried two quarterbacks last year, but have considered adding a third this season, which could allow more opportunities to use backup Tyrod Taylor in different packages.

Taylor has been the primary backup throughout training camp and he will likely split the quarterback duties with Painter Thursday night against the Rams. The coaching staff has not specified how much time they plan to give the quarterbacks, but Painter said he's approaching it like he's playing the entire game.

"I wasn't sure exactly how much I would get the last three games, so I prepared like I was going to play the whole game," Painter said. "It doesn't change it at all. That's kind of the approach that I've taken."

In terms of the factors that the Ravens will consider when deciding on the number of quarterbacks to keep, Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron said it simply comes down to who are [add] the best 53 players on the team. 

"You want to make a team's roster? Well, if you're a quarterback, you better be one of the top 53," Cameron said.

Painter, who signed with the Ravens in April, has been solid throughout the preseason. He has completed 20-of-37 passes for 207 yards and four touchdowns and one interception in three preseason games.

His strongest showing came in the opening game against Atlanta, where he threw three second-half touchdown passes and led the Ravens to a 31-17 victory.

"He has been outstanding since the day we worked him out and the day we signed him," Cameron said. "He's done everything he can do, so all those decisions will come down here over the next few days. But you saw the Atlanta game, and that's what the guy is capable of doing."

Performances like that game against Atlanta have Painter feeling confident heading into Thursday's matchup with St. Louis, where he knows he'll be fighting for a job.

"Anytime you have success it gives you confidence, so hopefully I can build on that and go out and have a decent game," he said. "There are certainly things that have been a plus and now it's just being able to build on those and keep going."

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