CBS Announcer Apologizes for Repeatedly Calling Lamar Jackson 'Murray'

Announcer Greg Gumbel

Being named the NFL's MVP doesn't guarantee you're a household name.

Veteran CBS announcer Greg Gumbel had a case of mistaken identity for a good chunk of Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals, as he called Lamar Jackson "Murray" several times.

He apparently kept thinking about Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

As you would expect, social media had a field day with this.

Gumbel has been one of the best in the business for a long time, but he had an off day. He also called Jackson's interception a completion, which is kind of true, but to the wrong team.

Gumbel finally realized/acknowledged his mistake in the third quarter. After a run by Jackson, he laughed and said, "Why do I keep calling him Murray?"

About midway through the fourth quarter, Gumbel apologized.

"For some unearthly reason I referred to Lamar Jackson as Kyler Murray today," Gumbel told viewers. "I got to apologize to Lamar. I apologize to Murray. I apologize to their fans."

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