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Cheerleaders Run the Marathon


By: Jonathan H. (male cheerleader)

First of all, a big thanks to Lee Corrigan of Corrigan Sports for teaming up with us. We set a new record this year with 26 Cheerleaders running in the Baltimore Running Festival. This is the largest group in 6 consecutive years of participation, with 4 relay teams (12 cheerleaders) and 12 half marathoners. Now, if you're adding those numbers up you don't get 26. We had 4 injuries causing 2 girls to drop out just days before the race. We have some tough people on our team but running on a sprained ankle for 13.1 miles isn't a good idea.

In the time leading up to the big race, it was inspirational to see my teammates fight through injuries, keep up with their training schedules, perform at a high level during practice, games, and balance work/school schedules. This is truly a talented and determined group that represented the Ravens organization with class.

Go Ravens,
Jonathan H.

Most memorable moments from the 2008 Baltimore Running Festival

Lauren Sp. (1/2 marathon)
"Without a doubt, my most memorable moment of the race was seeing a woman holding up a sign that read "Greg, I'm Pregnant". Now that's a way to break the big news..haha"

Melissa (1st relay leg)
"Before the race started, watching the full marathoners stretch, prepare, and get mentally tough for the 26.2 miles ahead. Also, running through the confetti at the start was exciting!"

Amanda (2nd relay leg)
"Every now and then I would pass people and they would read the back of our shirts (Baltimore Marathon 2008 Raven Cheerleaders) then cheer "Go RAVENS!" It made me run even faster and I was able to finish the 6.8 miles with 8:30 minute miles. The longest distance I've ever run, thanks to the great fans of Bmore."

Javi (3rd relay leg)
"Talking to a 63 year old woman running the full marathon and making her laugh when I poured Gatorade on my head thinking it was water. Umm, can you say sticky hair? Haha"

Joanna (4th relay leg)
"Running to the finish line and seeing my teammate Meghan cheer me on. Thanks for the hug Meg!"

Lindi (1/2 marathon)
"Around mile 19, Richelle and I came across a full marathoner (Chuck) from Chicago. After a while of chatting, he said that we helped him get through "the wall". Little did he know, he helped us too. Thanks Chuck!"

Dan (1/2 marathon)
"The crowd support was amazing! I've never seen anything like it and the fans cheered for everyone. Best of all, they were giving out gummy bears and breakfast bars at mile 22."

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