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Late for Work: Chiefs' Chris Jones Says 'Ravens Were the Best Team in the League'

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones (95) runs in pursuit against the San Francisco 49ers during the second half of the NFL Super Bowl 58 football game Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024, in Las Vegas.
Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones (95) runs in pursuit against the San Francisco 49ers during the second half of the NFL Super Bowl 58 football game Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024, in Las Vegas.

Chiefs Star Rusher Says Ravens Were the No. 1 Team

Last night's Super Bowl saw the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the San Francisco 49ers in overtime, 25-22. And when pass rusher Chris Jones was asked what gave the Chiefs so much confidence, he replied they already played the best team in the NFL.

"I think we faced the best team in the league in [the] Baltimore Ravens, hands down," Jones said.

Jones named the playoff road the Chiefs went through as another reason for confidence but made sure to mention the AFC Championship.

"And also going to [play] the Baltimore Ravens [at M&T Bank Stadium]," Jones said. "It's a tough environment. MVP Lamar Jackson and that defense, man. We [were] able to overcome them obstacles, we weren't going to be defeated here."

While Super Bowl LVIII was a closer game on the scoreboard, Jones sounded like the two best teams in the NFL weren't playing on Sunday. That happened two weeks ago in Baltimore.

Ravens Could Play in 2024 Season Opener vs. Chiefs

The Chiefs not only locked in another Lombardi trophy, they also solidified hosting the 2024 season opener. The Ravens are on the shortlist of opponents the Chiefs could face.

A Ravens-Chiefs rematch for the Thursday opener will be difficult for the NFL to deny. It would feature two-time league MVP Lamar Jackson against the reigning champs.

However, there is no shortage of options. Other teams on the Chiefs' 2024 home schedule include the Cincinnati Bengals with quarterback Joe Burrow returning from his season-ending injury, the Houston Texans with Offensive Rookie of the Year C.J. Stroud or the Los Angeles Chargers with new Head Coach Jim Harbaugh at the reigns and quarterback Justin Herbert.

With the Ravens also set to play the Chargers in 2024, the NFL could see the Jim and John Harbaugh matchup as an option for a primetime affair.

No matter the circumstance, the 2024 season will start off with bright lights for Baltimore.

FS1's Joy Taylor Says "Lamar Jackson is Solidified for the Hall of Fame"

Many gave their reactions and opinions after Jackson won his second MVP, as noted in Friday’s LFW. But Fox Sports 1's Joy Taylor thinks Canton, Ohio should be prepping Jackson's bronze bust.

"He's solidified for the Hall of Fame now," Taylor said. "… It would be unprecedented for him not to be [in the Pro Football Hall of Fame]. And to see a player this far into his career—six seasons in at the age of 27, have two almost unanimous MVP's, one certified unanimous MVP and to take his team to the AFC Championship Game after being the one seed this year is really incredible."

Taylor remarked on how the national media, including herself, judge Jackson with a high level of critique.

"We give Lamar Jackson [not] a lot of slack. We're very, very critical of him. We hold him to a high standard and sometimes I think, because we hold him to that standard, because he plays the game in such a unique way, the criticism takes away from the greatness that he has actually accomplished. Both individually and as a team. Because this is his most successful year with his team, taking them to the AFC Championship Game, which we know is very, very difficult to do. … It's very hard to get your team there. It's his first time doing it. Two MVP's, he's going to be in the Hall of Fame, and we are watching a really tremendous player—an all-time great player really just entering his prime."

It's a rather refreshing take to hear self-recognition from national pundits on how they critique Jackson and why. But with two league MVP's now in Jackson's trophy case to go along with his other achievements, Jackson has solidified himself in rare air.

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