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David Ojabo Hopes to Return This Season From Injury

OLB David Ojabo
OLB David Ojabo

David Ojabo (ankle/knee) hopes to play again this season and is rehabbing diligently to come back from injured reserve.

Ojabo, who was placed on IR on Oct. 1, has missed the last two games and must miss a minimum of four games. However, when asked if he had to decide whether to have surgery, Ojabo said he would continue to rehab and hopes to return this season.

"Working really hard to be out there, through God's grace I'll be out there soon," Ojabo said. "No timetable right now. Just rehabbing, taking it day by day."

While his injury will prevent Ojabo from playing against the Titans on Sunday, the London trip is like a homecoming for the second-year outside linebacker. Ojabo was born in Nigeria but lived in Scotland for eight years (ages 7-15) with his family before moving to the United States to pursue education and athletics. His parents, brother and sister have joined him in London for the week and he will have other friends and family in attendance at Sunday's game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

"I have a lot of people coming, I can't put a number on it," Ojabo said. "It's a special event you don't get too often, that I'm so close to home and my people can come."

Ojabo missed almost all of his rookie season after suffering an Achilles injury at his Pro Day and had hoped to remain healthy in his sophomore campaign. Having his family around for support this week has lifted his spirits.

"It's critical. Family's the most important thing in this life," Ojabo said. "To be able to tune out the outside noise and know what's really important.

"I'm blessed to be back home. You control what you can. Keep my mentals up by praying and staying close to my family."

Odell Beckham Jr. Gives Strong Opinion on Why He Favors Grass Over Turf

Last weekend, several Buffalo Bills players complained about the turf being hard and unsafe at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, where the Ravens and Titans will face each other in Week 6. Two Bills players suffered injuries, including a serious leg injury to linebacker Matt Milano.

Odell Beckham Jr. weighed in on the grass versus turf debate and strongly gave his opinion that all NFL games should be played on grass.

"I'm sure people have seen me talk about it on Twitter (now X)," Beckham said. "It sounds like I'm the one being a baby and complaining, yet you see a lot of major injuries happen on turf. Just look at the results, look at how many major injuries have happened on it.

"God willing there's none this game, but it's just not a surface that's great for players to play on. I think they make enough money to where putting grass in stadiums is really not that big of a thing. If we're talking about the safety of players, I think grass would be a better surface area for them. Turf is what we're playing on this week, it is what it is. It's not really up to us. But I think there's a solution. Whatever it is, I hope that one day they figure that out."

Roquan Smith Focused on Derrick Henry, Titans Offense

Containing running back Derrick Henry is the key to controlling Tennessee's offense, and inside linebacker Roquan Smith is focused on that task.

Smith is a physical player who respects the physicality of the Titans' approach. This will be the first time the Ravens have faced the Titans since they acquired wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and Smith is warming to the task of trying to hold Henry and Hopkins in check. This will also be Smith's first taste of the Ravens-Titans rivalry and he can hardly wait.

"Physical team, and that's something we pride ourselves on," Smith said. "Henry's been doing it a really long time. Good quarterback in (Ryan) Tannehill as well as D-Hop (Hopkins), one of the best in the game for awhile. It's just going to be about doing our job stopping the run, first and foremost, what they definitely lean on all game long. And then eliminate D-Hop as well, because they're definitely going to try and get him the ball. It'll be a great challenge, looking forward to it.

London Trip Has Given Ravens Chance to Bond, Work on British Accents

Spending the week in London has given the Ravens a chance to spend quality time together away from the field, and Smith feels the experience has brought the team even closer.

"Being away from home and having the chance to bond with teammates outside the facility," Smith said. "We're at the hotel spending hours together and you get to know them on a deeper level, playing card games and things of that nature. I love being in places where some are out of their comfort zone, and it makes you kind of grow as a person as well as a team."

Players have been working on their British accents all week, and Smith said Justin Tucker has one of the best. Smith the British hotel staff members were impressed with Tucker's attempt.

"I probably have the worst," said Smith, who gave it a try several times during his press conference. "I can say a few words here and there. I heard Tuck talk the other day. His was pretty good."

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