Dennis Pitta Takes Positive Outlook On Injury


He couldn't snag balls, but Dennis Pitta![](/team/roster/dennis-pitta/542104b6-987b-47ce-b86a-196df57761da/ "Dennis Pitta") was back in his jersey and out on the practice field Thursday.

A day after getting surgery on his broken* *hand, Pitta was a sideline spectator.

"Surgery went well and it's just getting healthy," the tight end said.

"It's always frustrating to suffer an injury at any point in the season, but I think it's important to look at the positives of the situation. I have a nice window to heal up and prepare myself to get ready for the start of the season."

Pitta had the surgery to fix his broken right hand at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore Tuesday. He said he had a plate and two screws inserted into his right hand, and should get his stiches out soon.

"It's not hurting me," Pitta said. "It's just locked up in this cast. The toughest part is being able to fall asleep at night with this awkward thing on."

Pitta said he can't predict how quickly he's going to heal, but Head Coach John Harbaugh said the expectation is by the regular-season opener on Sept. 10 or earlier.

For now, Pitta is still going to all the team meetings and is working to stay in shape so he can jump back into action when he returns.

Pitta was off to an outstanding start in training camp, picking up where he left off as one of quarterback Joe Flacco's favorite and most reliable targets.

"I really felt like I was laying a good foundation for the season," Pitta said. "You encounter a setback like this and it's frustrating. But there's not much I can do. It's about keeping a good mindset and knowing that I have an opportunity to be ready for the season."

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