Dick Cass Says Training Camp May Be Realistic Return Date


The unusual NFL offseason created by the coronavirus could continue throughout the spring and into the summer, according to Ravens President Dick Cass. Speaking on "The Lounge" podcast, Cass said he doubted there would be rookie camps and OTAs this spring. However, he remained optimistic that players would return for training camps this summer, and that the 2020 NFL season would be played.

"It's really hard to know about long-term impacts," Cass said. "A lot of that is going to depend on how long the stay-at-home order remains in effect. If it lasts a long time, it could have obviously an effect on our season. No one expects that, but you just don't know.

"We are going about the business of continuing to spend money on players. We've been active in free agency and other teams have [too] on the assumption we're going to have a full season. I just don't think the OTAs are going to happen at all. I hope I'm wrong. I'm hoping we can get some players in (the facility) in June, but I'm sort of doubtful of that. The next big date for the players of course will be the opening of training camp. We're all hopeful that will not be delayed."

Cass said that living with uncertainly over the next few weeks was something that everyone would have to deal with. Adjustments to the organization's offseason schedule would continue to be made as necessary. And, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell officially announced that all team facilities would close by 6 p.m. yesterday.

"We're continually monitoring the whole situation," Cass said. "We're hopeful that in four weeks, maybe people can come back (to the team's headquarters) in some capacity, that's the week of the draft by the way. But I think that's unlikely. The reality is, we cannot really go back to our offices until we get the all-clear signal from Gov. (Larry) Hogan or the federal government."

As the coronavirus began to impact the NBA, Cass said he anticipated this NFL offseason would be very different than normal.

"It really started that amazing night when the NBA cancelled the game midstream and then suspended the rest of their season," Cass said. "It became obvious we had to do the same thing. Nobody really knows how long this is going to go on."

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