Did The No-Huddle Disappear?


The Ravens' no-huddle attack was all the rage last week.

So where'd it go in Philadelphia?

According to the official NFL stats, Baltimore went into the no-huddle six times against the Eagles, including twice in a second half in which the the offense stumbled.

They were in the no-huddle offense 22 times versus Cincinnati the week before.

But Head Coach John Harbaugh indicated that the Ravens were still in an accelerated version of their offense and getting to the line quickly.

"I don't feel like [the no-huddle] was tabled," Harbaugh said.

"We were still in it to some extent. Our pace was what we wanted it to be in terms of we were in more run-pass [checks], we were at the line calling plays quite a bit. We were in the huddle a little bit."

It was actually the Eagles offense that came out running the no-huddle Sunday afternoon.

After a pass of 23 yards to start the game, Philadelphia was in no-huddle on the next six plays and marched down the field until Michael Vick was intercepted by safety Bernard Pollard in the end zone.

Baltimore responded with some no-huddle of its own on its first drive after the interception. But that was quickly halted when quarterback Joe Flacco was sack/stripped by defensive end Trent Cole and the Eagles recovered deep in Ravens territory.

The Ravens continued with the no-huddle approach the next drive after picking up a couple first downs. They used it on three straight plays that produced 19 yards. Baltimore slowed down to call the 5-yard Vonta Leach touchdown run.

Baltimore didn't use the no-huddle at all in the second quarter. It came out in it for two plays to start the second half and got a 16-yard reception by tight end Dennis Pitta on one. That was the Ravens' last first down until the final play of the third quarter, and also the last time the Ravens used the no-huddle.

Crowd noise at Lincoln Financial Field was another reason for less hurry-up because visiting quarterbacks have more difficulties communicating. to communicate.

"Crowd noise is always a factor in a stadium like that, especially when the game got close," Harbaugh said.

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