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Dolphins Post-Game Quotes (10/19)

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(On the win) – "Obviously victory is something we're happy about and get excited about, and it's a pretty joyous locker room right now. It's a tribute to them, our players first, and we talked to our guys about it being a player's game, and that it'll come down to one-on-one matchups."

(On making a win streak) – "You need to win the next game. The losing streak came all of a sudden after the Colts game. Before it was 2-2, and it should have been 4-0, and all of a sudden we lost to the Colts and it was like 3 losses. We talked to our guys about it, we didn't loose 3 games Sunday, we lost one game; we had some turnovers gave up shots, but our guys got a lot of those things corrected and we played a good solid football game."

(On next week's matchup) – "Every Sunday is so momentous, that's the great thing about the NFL. Either way, you got to come back next week, and get better, improve, and have a big challenge in front of you. Even after tonight we got to go get ready for the Oakland Raiders. They're a good football team, they play defense, they're physical, and they're a big tough football team. Whether we won this game or lost this game, that becomes your focus next week."

(On his QB) – "Joe (Flacco) goes to work every week and he tries to improve. There's a little bit of a roller coaster ride to an NFL season, with a rookie quarterback in their first season. But there's going to be dips, and he's going to have to bounce back for the next play, and play the next game."

(On the interception for a TD) – "I was happy that Frank (Walker) had his back. During that interception he had his back, and he's right behind me, and there was no doubt in my mind that Terrell (Suggs) was going to score. Thanks for that question!"

(On Chris McAlister's situation) – "Chris (McAlister) has played well. He's really worked hard this year. There hasn't been a situation where there has been an injury, and we think if we manage some packages here on out, it's not a matter of starting or not starting, it's what packages we put him in to be most effective for. You got to practice all week to be effective on Sunday. And whatever package we have next week, he could be out there starting next week. We're always looking to put the best on the field. We had a tough game last week; we didn't play as well as we wanted to. But Chris had a great week at practice last week.

(On the corners) – "At some point and time we're going to get Samari (Rolle) back, and with Frank (Walker) and Fabian (Washington) developing as a corner, now you become a group at cornerback, which is important."

(On their offense) – "Our players did a great job lining up on the inside line game, and our perimeter guys took away the sweep. Another thing is offensively, I think our offense was physical, they threw the ball downfield, and the game plan by Cam Cameron was really outstanding, and really all year it has been. You see the things we're trying to do, and what we're trying to become as an offense a little bit today."

(On Flacco and Chester) – "It looked like Chris Chester came in there and played really well; they gelled, obviously early right away. They just had a feel for the game together."

Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron

(On if it made him feel good several Dolphins players greeted him after the game) – "That's the great thing about this profession. You make friends and lasting relationships."

(On last year as head coach of the Dolphins) – "There's really nothing to say about last year. All you can do is learn from it and move on. They're two types of people out there. Those people who look in the mirror and people who look out the window for somebody else. There are a lot of accountable guys in that locker room just like there are a lot in here. With all that being said, we needed a win. That was the bottom line."

(On what he learned last year) – "Just about being a head coach in the National Football League and the great lessons to learn. Sometimes when they hurt the most that's when you can learn the most. That's why I think you never saw me give in or quit. I was going to persevere through it."

(On how strange it was to comeback to Dolphins Stadium) – "Truth be told it wasn't weird. But it was emotional. It really is. When you give your heart and soul to something and it doesn't work out some of that pain comes back. But that's minimal compared to what it was like for my wife and kids. I guess that's why maybe it a little sweeter."

QB Joe Flacco

(On the game today) – "We just wanted to go out there and get another win under our belts. We've been working hard all week to get another win and we went out there and did that today."

(On if he felt confident going into the game) – "Yeah. I think we all felt confident going into the game. We wanted to get another win and we all knew the only way to do that was to work hard all week and be confident."

(On the Willis McGahee and Ray Rice running back combo) – "They are both good backs and anytime you come down here to Florida you have to rotate backs and you have to be able to use multiple guys. They did a great job today. There is definitely a difference between them. Ray is a littler guy that gets a tempo going but at the same time Willis is a big guy that can move. And you have Le'Ron (McClain) back there who you can get the ball to and have him hammer away."

(On the win today) – "It's a huge win. Coming off of a couple losses we had to get back out there and be confident and get back to winning ways and that is what we did today."

TE Todd Heap

(On getting more involved with the offense and getting the win) –"It felt good, compared to last week we improved a lot of things offensively. We were able to sustain some drives, which was good to see. It seemed like we were struggling the last few games. So to be able to do that, sustain some drives, take some time off the clock and put points on the board, it felt good as an offense."

(On the weather conditions) –"It was a little hot, it wasn't the weather we were used to. But you know I felt like we had practiced so hard, we were in good shape for it. Everyone was ready to go the next play. I could tell we kept building as the drive went on. That's a sign we are in good shape and that we have been training hard in practice."

WR Derrick Mason

(On the significance of winning this game for Coach Cameron…)"I'm pretty sure it was one of those game where its your former team as the coach. A team that you went through a lot of hard work for and after one year they dismiss you. Coming back, you want to go out there and get a win by any means necessary, but he didn't show it on the sideline. He just called the plays and tried to put us in the best position to score points. At times he did, but then at times we kind of sputtered and had some turnovers. If we eliminate those turnovers and score, we probably could have added an extra seven points to that game."

(On how big it was to end the losing streak…)"It was good. I don't think we have won on the road in a long time, so it was kind of good to end it. It was good to end the losing streak we were on. Guys came together, we continue to press and we continue to work hard in practice. We know eventually we are going to make those plays we didn't make in the previous game. We're going to make them this time and pull out a victory and that's what we did. Miami fought hard, but me made a few more plays than they did."

RB Willis McGahee

(On after his fumble, did he feel if he owed Miami something…)"After that fumble, that was the worst highlight of my career. It was a good screen, a good run and it wasn't a good finish, like it was all meant for nothing."

(On if Coach Cameron was emotion after the game…)"Yeah he was talking and his voice was cracking. I wonder why, I think he was crying. He wanted this game bad and he got it."

LB Terrell Suggs

(On getting a win today) – "It felt good. Especially it felt even better how we got the win. It was like the offense…I don't think they could have played a better game. They didn't turn over the ball, which was really good. We did it as a team, they did their part, we did our part and it was a team win. There were times in the game when they (the offense) had to bail us out. We gave up some and they had to bail us out. And there were times in the game when the defense had to bail out the offense. That's how a team is supposed to operate. You help each other out, and I think we did a good job doing that."

(On what was going through his mind during his interception) –"It was just score. You all have been covering me since I got here so you might as well know that it was my first touchdown. I always get caught at the one. And it is sad to say I was almost caught at the one again. I was looking at the JumboTron, and I am not Ed Reed so I don't know that feeling. But, looking at that JumboTron it looked like that first ten or fifteen yards took forever. I heard they almost got me. I got in there and I think it changed the outcome of the game."

Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano

(On if not stopping the run was the key to today's loss to the Baltimore Ravens) – "I don't know if that's the key. Not a lot of people run the ball against this team. I guess we had 70-something yards rushing or somewhere around there. We knew that when they win games they probably give up about 60 yards rushing. So, we didn't do a good enough job of rushing the football, but, more importantly, we didn't execute more big plays. We didn't. You get down there against a team like this with this kind of defense…you know, we had some early opportunities. There were two field goals instead of two touchdowns, had the ball on the four or five yard line – it's things like this that, with this kind of defense, the best defense in the league, you need to be able to go out there and you need to be able to score a touchdown."

(On if the loss of DT Jason Ferguson to injury and the loss of DT Paul Soliai to a team suspension were a big part of today's loss) – "I'll have to watch the film to know how we played in there in Ferguson's absence. But obviously when you lose a guy like Ferguson, that doesn't help you a whole lot. He's been kind of key to the whole run deal out there right now, and I think guys went in there, they tried real hard, but that's where we were. We gave up a hundred yards to running today and that can't happen and we know that. At the end there we gave up some big plays, some screens, and some critical situations where we needed to get the runner on the ground and we couldn't do it."

(On what the most frustrating part of today's loss was – undisciplined penalties, the third down aspect, the things that the coaches are trying to establish as part of the team culture) – "I guess. I know [Phillip] Merling [DE] had a penalty down there that got a little bit closer to a personal foul penalty, whatever it was, we had a couple of offside penalties, coming out we had a false start…I think we had five or six penalties in the game. We didn't have 13 or 14 of them; they just came at bad times. The biggest disappointment to me right now is from a fundamentals standpoint. We were out there in pads for two days this week trying to get back to those kinds of things and from a fundamentals standpoint we didn't tackle very well, we didn't finish blocks very well on the offensive side of the ball, those kinds of things. You know, from a fundamentals standpoint, if you don't do those sorts of things, you don't stand a chance.

(On if there was any concern with any possible health issues with QB Chad Pennington due to his uncharacteristic throws in today's game) – "No, it's nothing with his health. I mean, he got flushed out of the pocket and he tried to make something happen. You know, when a quarterback gets on the move like that and gets flushed out of the pocket, you see a flasher come across your face like that you try to get him the ball. I'm sure Chad will tell you that in his mind maybe he thought…he'll be a 'Monday morning quarterback' on it himself and say that he should have kept the ball and just taken a sack, one way or the other. But, he was trying to make a play and I don't fault Chad in that situation. They made a nice play that ends up being a touchdown. That was early in the game and we come right back down the field at some point to make it 10-6. So if we score a touchdown, maybe it's 13-10.

(On, when the score was made 10-6, if QB Chad Pennington called an audible on a third-and-ten, third-and-eleven play) – "Yeah, it was predicated on the coverage and we ended up running the ball. It really should have been a bigger play.

(On the success of the Baltimore Ravens in today's game against the 'Wildcat' offense) – "Well, I mean, really what they did was they tried to disrupt the timing, I think, by pressuring it a little bit inside. They brought an inside linebacker a few times right into the 'A' gap one way or the other and I think that's probably what they did. But running the 'Wildcat' is a small part of what we do so the rest of it was just on execution."

(On the effectiveness of former Dolphins Head Coach now Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron's protection of Ravens QB Joe Flacco with quick drops and quick dump-offs) – "I think that's what they've been doing with him. So, I don't think they've really been exposing him a whole lot one way or the other. I think that's what they've been doing with him. They've been running the ball very well, which we knew, and they've been kind of not asking him to do too much. I felt the guy made some key throws today. I think that he made a couple of big throws, one of them…they were outside of field goal range. He made a nice throw, got a big chunk back in the middle of the field, and they were able to kick a field goal out of that drive and then just before the end of the half that drive scored a field goal."

(On the mood of the Miami Dolphins in the locker room post-game) – "Well, they're not fired up. I mean, we just lost. It's our second game in a row that we've lost, and we've been here before, and that's exactly what I just told them. We lost two games in the beginning of this thing and we need to go back and we need to understand how we win. We understand that. We're a young team trying to win games right now and we understand how to win. But when you get into some of these games, games like last week where it's a close game, it makes it all that more important to win those games. You get into this thing here and you're fighting, you're fighting, you're fighting – you've got to find ways to win. So, from our end, we've got to go back to the drawing board, and we've got to be able to come back out next week, play with a lot of enthusiasm, and find ways to win."

(On if the Dolphins planned to use the 'Wildcat' offense less against the Ravens today) – "The 'Wildcat' is all predicated on what people do. From our standpoint, we looked at it and we were getting bigger chunks other ways. I mean, we threw the ball down the field. You guys are always begging me to throw and we threw down the field today. David Martin [TE] had some nice chunk plays in the middle of the field. With what those guys are doing out there on defense, to me they played a lot of post-safety today, there was a lot of people around the box that gave us an opportunity to throw the ball to the seams. We didn't really need the 'Wildcat' from that standpoint. So, you're not going to force a square peg into a round hole. The thing isn't going, it's not going."

(On his impression of WR Ted Ginn, Jr. as kick returner in today's game) – "Well, he dropped the first one, but he made a nice run. They started kicking the ball away from him which leads me to believe that they respected him a little bit back there. I thought he made a couple of good runs, gave us some field position that way. I was just trying to get Ted a few more touches. We've got to handle the ball back there and those are all parts or reasons why you don't win when you talk about the fundamentals. We've got to handle the ball – Ted made a couple nice plays back there. It was nice to see him with a concentration on the ball.

(On his opinion of the performances of G Evan Mathis and G/C Ikechuku Ndukwe today) – "It was just more to get a chance to see another guy who's been working real hard. I thought Mathis has been doing a nice job in practice. So it was a good opportunity to watch, to get him out there. Good to see a great line, a huge line between the two players during the last couple of weeks in practice, so I thought we'd get a chance to see them play. So we'll watch the film to see what we see."

(On the reason why DT Paul Soliai was suspended) – "Why was he suspended? He violated a team rule. I know that. Our people know that. Paul knows that."

(On, if Soliai had not been suspended by the team, would he have been healthy enough to play in today's game) – "Yes."

(On any injury update regarding DT Jason Ferguson) – "'Ferg'…they're looking at it right now. Not sure. It may be something in his hip, his oblique, I'm not sure. So we've got to take a good look at it."

(On his using a 4-3 defense in today's game) – "We ran some four out front. We didn't switch two for three, but we were playing some under, and some over, some different under and over, which we've done all along, and then we had to play some nickel during the course of this thing, too."

(On if this made a difference to the run defense) – "No, I didn't."

Dolphins QB Chad Pennington

(On the interception for a touchdown) – "It was a bad decision. I get tackled there; probably just take the sack and punt. I saw him (Terrell Suggs) and I felt like (Patrick) Cobbs had outrun him, but I just didn't have the angle. I didn't have the angle to get Cobbs the ball especially with the position I was in. I just need to eat it there, take the sack and punt."

(On if it bothered him that he was forced to throw on the run) – "No, with a good pass rush team you got to be able to move in the pocket. When you get outside the pocket and a lot of times you can get some things that way because it displaces the defenders from their normal coverage responsibilities. That was something I felt like if I had to do it, I could do it and hopefully keep the chains moving and get some plays out of it."

(On his pass in the end zone that he missed on to Anthony Fasano) – "That was just miscommunication between us. That's what that one was."

(On if the horizontal passing game was tougher because of the speed of Baltimore's defense) – "Yeah, I think that's why we did have some success going vertical on them with the 'Seam' balls and things like that. They are a fast defense; they read your eyes so you have to be very careful where they are. In the midst of all of that, they're getting a pass rush on us. That's why we were able to get some 'Seam' balls and get some things down the field to create some plays for us."

(On if not running the ball more in the second half was spoken during halftime or a product of circumstance) – "That was a product of circumstance. We did feel like we could hurt them in the passing game and find some holes in there. We definitely wanted to come out and try to accomplish that. At the same time when you get down 20-6, you're in a little bit different ballgame and we got back to 20-13, then we couldn't find a way to get some field position. We were backed up, but it was just one of those things where first half didn't go so well and then you're fighting uphill the rest of the way."

(On if it was audibles on a couple draw plays on second and third and long) – "They had two, three-techniques, it was really wide. We were in a bad situation; I was trying to get us into third and manageable. That one and the other one too, both of those are on me. I was trying to down there on the third down, they're dropping eight in coverage, we had a three-man pass run on and I definitely didn't want to make a mistake. We had a decent look, but it was a thought of mine and it didn't work out."

(On what he saw during the interception for a touchdown) – "They got some pressure off the far side. I shouldn't have made that decision, bottom line. I did see (Terrell) Suggs, I felt like (Patrick) Cobbs got past him, but I just didn't have the right angle. I shouldn't have made the throw. I should've just ate it, take the sack, punt and live to see another day."

(On if the Ravens did anything different defensively when he was in the red zone) –"We just had a miscommunication between Anthony (Fasano) and I on the third down on the goal line in the first drive. In the second drive, I shouldn't have made that call. I should've just, my hindsight is 20-20, but they were dropping eight and coverage and I should've just seen if I could scramble around and make a play."

(On if he felt off his game in the first half) – "Sometimes we were out of rhythm. Really, the first drive went really good. I felt like things were going, we went down and at least got points out of it. We had a great seven-plus minute drive. Then with the interception I had, that kind of threw us off a little bit. We do go down and get a field goal; make it 10-6. Then they had the drive to make it 17-6. Even with all of that said, 20-13, I just feel like if we keep chopping wood, well get a chance to push through. We were hitting some things down the field, we were able to move the football, it wasn't like we were having just three-and-out, after three-and out, after three-and-out. We were doing some things in the passing game. I felt like we were in it all the way through. Sometimes games go that way. Sometimes you don't get into a rhythm early. It doesn't happen all pretty and perfect. You just try to keep fighting through it. That's kind of where we were."

(On the way the Ravens defended the 'Wildcat') – "I don't know, I'm out there wide, I can't see the front. I'll have to look at it on film. I'll give you a better answer on Wednesday."

(On throwing the ball down the field more today) - "We did try to take a couple deep shots. A lot of times the safety was playing really deep, or he's playing deep and over the top. That's why the 'Seams' were there at about the 18-20 yard range instead of down the field 30-35. When we did have some shots called, the press-coverage was decent and that's why you saw some back-shoulder throws. You hold a guy up, you catch it because the DB is on top of them, you can't lead him down the field, you have to try to hit him back-shoulder and try to get a 20-yard completion instead of an incompletion. They do a good job of mixing some things up and we pressed through, it was just the first half. We didn't put two halves together. That starts with me, making sure we put two halves together and even if it's not a fireworks explosion in the first half, it can't be a detriment to where you come out in the second half and you're out of the game."

(On if its additionally frustrating that they moved the ball and didn't get touchdowns) – "I think that's pretty accurate. You take away the interception; it's still a one touchdown ballgame. They put a little bit more pressure on. That hurt and that's why once we got back to 20-13 I just feel like we get another stop, we get some field position, we can get back in. They did a good job. You have to take your hat off to them. They did a good job of driving the football. Even when they did turn it over it was on our own four. They won the field position battle and that's what it came down to."

(On if the Dolphins run Ronnie Brown on second and third and ten against any defense or just the Ravens) – "No, second and ten, I can't remember the play, but you're trying to get some positive yards to make it third and manageable, whether it's a pass or a run. On third and ten, that was my call. That wasn't the Ravens, that was just me."

(On the touchdown to Davone Bess) – "He did a good job. They actually had eight in coverage on that one too. He ran his route, they had it covered, he uncovered, found a hole, and did a really good job with it."

(On if he beats himself a little bit more on a mistake like the interception) – "I'm definitely going to try not to, which is extremely hard for me not to do. It's football, it's human nature, its human experience. I have to fight through it, move on to the next one and do the best I can to learn from it."

(On if he's feeling a better connection with Patrick Cobbs) – "He's doing a really good job, he really is. I think he poses a threat because we can hand him the ball off, we can use him in the passing game. He's an excellent blocker, very physical and he's very important to us on special teams. We feel like he's very valuable to us and so the more we get him the ball, he can help us win the better."

WR Davone Bess

(On if his first career touchdown is bitter sweet because of the loss) – "Exactly. I'd trade the touchdown for a win any given day. We just didn't execute on both sides of the ball. Baltimore came in ready to play and ready to step up to the challenge and they walked away with the victory."

(On his touchdown catch and what happened and what he saw on it) – "The play before, coach did a great job to see how they were playing. My guy bit and I ran with (Greg) Camarillo and I just looped back up around him. I was pretty much by myself and caught it."

(On his feelings after the touchdown) – "It felt real good. It's always good to get in the end zone, especially your first NFL touchdown. Like I said, it's kind of sour now after losing, so hopefully we can get better."

(On what it was about the Ravens defense that stopped them) – "They were relentless. They played their scheme excellent. It was hard to tell exactly what personnel they were in and what coverage they were in. They came with attitude and stepped up to the challenge."

RB Ronnie Brown

(On why the wildcat didn't work against the Ravens) – "Obviously, we wanted to execute on offense and drive and score touchdowns. They stopped us the first time and we ended up kicking a field goal. It was just a point of being able to put up points. It wasn't about any sort of formation, it was just they were playing pretty good defense on their end."

(On if the Ravens defense was waiting for the wildcat) – "You can say that, but I guess over the past few weeks they've seen it a few times. Like I've said, this is a veteran group of players and you have to expect things like that. They are the top defense in the league and we expected a challenge and they did a great job."

(On if he thinks the wildcat formation has run its course) – "It's funny. The first couple of weeks, everybody was talking about 'wildcat, wildcat.' This I just part of our offense. It wasn't so much about the wildcat, it's about our offense as a whole wasn't able to execute and put up plays and it showed. Running the football, we weren't able to get much going."

(On how big of a loss this was) – "It's big. We obviously wanted to come out after this game at .500 and going into next week's game, a division game, it would have been a great opportunity. Now we have to go back to the drawing board and start from there."

RB Patrick Cobbs

(On if today was the day that someone solved the wildcat) – "they did a good job. We expected them to do a good job. They are the number one defense in the league and we knew it was going to be tough. Our execution wasn't as good as it should have been. I credit a lot to them and we have to go back to the drawing board. It's all about execution and we didn't execute as well as we needed to get it done in that set."

(On if this was the best defense they faced this year) – "They play good and today they played really well. I can't say that because I haven't been out on the field as much as everybody else to say that they are the best defense in the league."

WR Ted Ginn, Jr.

(On what went wrong with the game plan) -- "The game plan was the game plan. We just went out to try and execute. We just tried to do the best things that we have been doing. We just need to execute more and more and we will be fine."

(On if felt good to be returning kicks again) -- "It felt great, it's what I do."

(On if the Ravens defense was all that he expected) -- "Yeah, for sure. We just need to go out and play hard and keep getting better and better."

(On if it was hard to see Chad Pennington on the run constantly) -- "It is just how the Baltimore Ravens are; they are going to send a lot at you. You have to prepare for it, I think we were. I think that we executed our plays the best way that we knew how. We are in the NFL, they are going to make plays, we are going to make plays we just need to keep continuing to get better and better."

G Justin Smiley

(On today's loss against Baltimore) - "We'd love to be 3-3. We're just going to have to win some more games here. You have to win some in a row, that's the way it is. We're coming out here and we're trying to win every week. Nobody can sit there and tell me that we didn't run and move the football. We just got to punch it in when we get down there. When we have our opportunities in the tight red zone, we got to score points and that hurt us today."

(On if the first drive was disheartening to the team) – "Yeah, it was a bummer. You don't hang your head because you know there is a lot of football left. We got a lot of game ahead of us. You want to score a touchdown, that's good for your psyche when you get down there. When they stopped us, you got to tip your hat to those guys. They're the best defense in the NFL and that's what they get paid to do."

(On what they did to stop the 'Wildcat') – "Honestly, I wish I could give you something on that. I don't think about the 'Wildcat' anymore. I don't care if they have us lineup in the 'Wildcat' or 'Base' offense or whatever. We just got to block it. It doesn't matter what the formation is, they're a good defense, and they're the number one defense in the NFL. When we move the ball on them and get the ball in the red zone we just got to score points."

RB Ricky Williams

(On what went wrong on offense) -- "We moved the ball up and down the field, it's just the turnover hurt us and we didn't score touchdowns when we got in the red zone."

(On if Baltimore did anything to change the running game plan) -- "Again looking at the running game, you can't just take three or four carries, it's something that goes over the course of the game. Usually in the first half you are getting three and four yards a pop, and coming in they were allowing people two and a half yards a pop, I thought that we did a pretty good job of running the ball we were just unable to do it a lot. Again we moved the ball up and down the field for the most part today. It wasn't like there was a lack of offense; we just didn't score on those opportunities where we needed to score touchdowns."

(On if this loss was a setback) -- "I think that we are trying to develop an attitude of winning here and losing especially a game like this, it was one of those games it wasn't like they came out and they beat us up like Arizona did, I don't think that we brought enough intensity and energy to get it done. Again those two drives where we had to kick field goals instead of touchdowns were a big deal."

CB Will Allen

(On if they were one step away from turning the game into their favor) – "Definitely, I was thinking we were back in this game. Go out there and get a stop, we were right back in this game. I think we got a stop on the first time. The offense went back out there, then we came back on and they scored the next time."

(On what Coach Sparano told them during halftime) – "He told us to just do what we do. Worry about ourselves and do what we do. And make sure when it's time to tackle, tackle. When it's time to make a play, you make your play."

(On how they prepare for the next game and regroup) – "I think you have to go back to the drawing board and find out what you did wrong. Once you find out what you did wrong, you have to correct it. We definitely have a heck of a team coming here next week and we're going to try to get a win."

S Yeremiah Bell

(On how much the loss of NT Jason Ferguson affected the defense) – "It was very key. Anytime you lose a veteran guy like Ferg who's in there every day and knows what the other team runs, it definitely hurts our defense. But we got guys who can come in and step up. We just didn't play the run well today."

(On what they need to do to prevent the big plays) – "We just need to play better. It isn't a big secret. We just need to go compete. It isn't anything special that you can do like that. You just have to go out there and put your feet in the ground and play ball. That's pretty much all you can do."

DE Vonnie Holliday

(On if this was sort of a methodical beating as opposed to the game in Arizona) – "This game was kind of played out exactly how they wanted it to. We knew going into this game that they kind of played conservative on offense for the most part. They pound the ball out. It was going to be a physical matchup. They take their shots every once in a while when they get their chance. They want to be physical and score. They were able to do that early. I thought we played good at time on first and second down on defense. We got them into some third and longs and just couldn't seal the deal."

(On if they aren't getting enough pressure on the quarterback) – "We're still not getting enough pressure on the quarterback. I'm as much to blame as anybody in that situation. We're kind of hanging our DBs out to dry back there. Joey (Porter) is doing a good job for us out there but right now he's the only guy who's getting pressure on the quarterback."

(On if third downs are a concern for the defense since they are giving up a lot of 10, 12 yard plays) – "It is some concern. It's very, very similar. Those guys are doing pretty much the same thing. Their routes are very similar. So for us, we have to go back. And like I said, it all starts upfront. We proud ourselves on being physical, but we also have to get to the passer. We didn't get to this guy enough. He had a lot of time on play action to sit back there and find the holes on our secondary, and he did."

LB Joey Porter

(On not being able to slow down Baltimore's run game) – "Just not tackling. You have to give them credit. We knew they were going to run the ball. They didn't have their quarterback throwing a lot and we knew it was going to happen. They wanted to run the ball and they ran the ball against us."

(On how big of a loss this was) – "Every game you lost is big, period."

(On the impact of losing Jason Ferguson for the game) – "That was big, but we had guys who can come in and get the job done. We'd like to have Ferg in there. When you still know they were going to run the ball on you, it doesn't matter. We didn't get the job done."

(On if they came around the edge more in the run game) – "No, I don't think that played a factor at all. If anything, I thought we should have been more prepared because we knew what they were going to do over there. It's not like they had any special plays or nothing. They wanted to run the ball and take the pressure off their young quarterback. What we said we wanted to do at the beginning of the week, we didn't do. We knew they were going to turn the ball and they still ran the ball."

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