Don't Forget Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub


The recent performance of the Ravens run defense has been the talk throughout this week, especially with Sunday's upcoming matchup against a Texans team that is one of the best in the NFL at running the ball.

But don't forget about the Texans passing attack, which is led by veteran quarterback Matt Schaub and wide receiver Andre Johnson.

"They're just loaded," Head Coach John Harbaugh said about the Texans offense. "They're loaded with playmakers."

Johnson attracts most of the attention from opposing secondaries, and he has bounced back this year after dealing with hamstring injuries that nagged him nearly all of last season. The injuries led to the worst season of Johnson's career – he didn't top 1,000 receiving yards for the first time in four seasons –keeping him out of nine games and limiting his explosiveness in the games he did play.

Those injuries appears to be a thing of the past, as Johnson has played in every game this season and appears to have re-gained  the burst that made him one of the NFL's most dangerous receivers  over the last decade.

"He's back full-force with the explosive plays," Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh said.

To keep Johnson healthy, the Texans have limited his snaps and made a point of not overworking him. He gets about 45-50 snaps a game, rather than the 70-75 offensive snaps a game he would get in past years.

"We are trying to take 20 snaps off of him and keep him fresh in a game," Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak said. "[We are] keeping a count on him throughout the course of the season, because I think we may have worn him down a little bit in the past."

Schaub is also back after finishing last season on injured reserve, and has been effective leading the Texans offense. He's averaged 232 passing yards a game and has a 91.6 quarterback rating on the season.

Schaub ranks 20th in the NFL in total passing yards, but he is one of the best at running the play-action pass. With such a strong running game, the Texans are able to get defenses to crowd the box and then exploit them with the play-action pass over the top.

And with Johnson on the edge, the Texans are always poised for a big play.

"All of their guys are very dangerous off of play-action," Harbaugh said. "That's what they do."

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