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Ed Reed Returning To Baltimore ... For Lardarius Webb's Softball Game


Ed Reed is returning to Baltimore.

He won't be stepping on the football field, but he will reunite with several of his old teammates for cornerback Lardarius Webb's charity softball game June 1. The game will take place at M&T Bank Stadium, and tickets are for sale on Webb’s website.

"I feel privileged," Webb said. "It's not [a] game without my teammates coming out for it to support me, and the fans coming out to support all of us."

The eighth-annual charity softball game is presented by the United Way, and proceeds from the event will benefit the Lardarius Webb Foundation, which supports underprivileged families. Former Ravens offensive lineman Ben Grubbs used to host the event, but Webb took it over in 2012.

"It's just me giving back, and for us to show that we care about the fans," Webb said.

The game is for charity, but that doesn't diminish the competitiveness. It will be an offense vs. defense affair, and Webb has already received commitments from several of his teammates planning to participate.

Torrey Smith will captain [of] the offensive team, with fellow receivers Jacoby Jones and Steve Smith, Sr. also participating. Webb also plans to recruit the incoming class [of] rookies after the NFL Draft next month.

"It is competitive," Webb said. "I think this year I do need to see who can hit so that I can get a win. I've been going out there losing, and I'm not with that. I have to cheat to get a win. Offensive players are just better at softball for some reason. Defense is better at football. But the offensive players can play softball."

Some friendly trash talk has already started between the two sides, specifically between Webb and his new teammate Smith Sr. The former Panthers receiver chided Webb on Twitter after accepting the invite to play in the game.

"I knw @LWebb21 going to learn how to take this L June 1 softball Game O vs D," Smith Sr. wrote earlier this month.

Webb is up for the challenge.

"Steve Smith has been talking stuff, so he better know how to play," Webb said. "I think I might just pitch myself when he comes up. I'm going to come in from center field like, 'I got this.'"

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