Elvis Dumervil Had Hellish Pro Bowl Trip


It's seemingly impossible to have a bad time at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, but Ravens outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil unfortunately found a way.

Dumervil had a hellish first couple days on the North Shore, thanks in large part to his airline.

Here's how it went down.

Dumervil was a Pro Bowl alternate, so he didn't learn he was going to Hawaii until late Sunday evening after the conference championship games. Good news, right?

Well, Dumervil was already in the midst of his plans to move back down to Florida to begin his offseason training. He suddenly put the brakes on that.

OK, not so bad. Delay a move to go to the beach.

Dumervil trained down from New York to Baltimore to grab some stuff he needed for the trip. Then Jonas hit and buried the area in about two feet of snow, which meant scrambling to shuffle flights.

In the end, he got a flight from Baltimore to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Hawaii. That's a really long day of travel.

But, alright, you still land in Hawaii. Finally, it should seem worth it.

Well, Dumervil's bags didn't make the trip with him. They were left behind in Los Angeles.

"This is Delta, by the way," Dumervil said, making sure to specify the airline. "I was a little frustrated, but it was late at night, so I let it be."

The bags were supposed to arrive in Hawaii by noon the next day. They didn't, and when Dumervil called, he got a, "Sir, we have a problem."

"Your bag has been checked to Japan," the Delta employee said.

"I've never been to Japan, but the [darn] bag has," Dumervil said, now with a laugh as he told the story. "I've been two days without my bags."

Dumervil had some daily vitamins, along with clothes, in the bag. During the first day of practice Thursday, he spent much of the time wiping his nose. He feels like he got sick on the plane and couldn't fight it off without his vitamins.

"You travel so much, all the journeys, all the people sneezing," Dumervil said Friday. "Today is the best I've felt all week."

Dumervil finally got his bags by 3 p.m. on Thursday.

This is Dumervil's fifth Pro Bowl and fourth in the last five seasons. Last year, he had two sacks and was part of the winning team. This year, he didn't set similar goals.

"I just want to get through this game, come out safe and have a good time," he said. "This has, by far, been the most interesting Pro Bowl."

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