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Finding Fountain of Youth, Strip-Sack Master Terrell Suggs Does It Again


After Terrell Suggs pounced on Texans quarterback Tom Savage, and while referees still tried to sort out who had recovered the football, Suggs stood with swagger, arms crossed, posing.

He's become accustomed to this.

Suggs came up with a clutch strip-sack with just under five minutes remaining in the Ravens' 23-16 win over the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football.

It's his fourth strip-sack of the season and 30th of his career, which is the sixth-most in the NFL since he entered the league in 2003.

Head Coach John Harbaugh said he's not used to strip-sacks, but "I never get tired of them, I can tell you that. He has an amazing ability."

With a sack earlier in the game, Suggs recorded his 26th career multi-sack contest, and is up to 9.5 sacks this season, which is the NFL's eighth-most.

The astounding part is that he's doing it in his 15th NFL season at 35 years old. Suggs has had just about every surgery in the book, including to his Achilles just two years ago.

"He's Ponce de Leon – you should put that on the back of his jersey. He's found the Fountain of Youth," Head Coach John Harbaugh said, referencing the Spanish explorer. "He's playing as well, or better, than I've seen him ever play since I've been here.

"He has always played great. Maybe it's just because I'm seeing it this year, but he can close on a quarterback. He gets an edge on a block and goes from here to there to get to the quarterback. You don't see guys his age do that."

Suggs laughed when asked what has enabled him to play so well this far into his career.

"I have to be honest with you, I think I'm very blessed with the genetics that my mom and dad gave to me," he said. "Shout out to my mom… and dad, rest in peace. He did his thing when they were making me. Shout out to Donald Suggs Sr."

Aside from genetics, Suggs pointed to improved health and training for his high level of play. He went into the offseason not needing any major surgery, and he adopted and embraced the team's new strength and conditioning program under Steve Saunders.

"They always bring it up, 'Hey, he's in year 15, 35 years old," Suggs said. "As long as I'm healthy, I can be Sizzle."

But when it comes to his knack for strip-sacks, Suggs pointed to another Ravens legend – Ray Lewis. He said that when he was a rookie, Lewis preached to him that just getting sacks wasn't good enough.

"This guy just keeps, he stays in my head," Suggs said. "Every time I'm getting ready to get the ball, I can hear Ray Lewis saying, 'Sizzle, get the ball. I want the ball.' Ray Lewis, he probably made a tackle tonight. He's always gotten credit."

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