Friday Practice Transcript - 12/09


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Do you think Billy Cundiff's plant leg will come around and he'll be able to kick on Sunday? (Aaron Wilson) "We'll find out. I think so. I'm hopeful. I really am hopeful."

Are you doing anything like bringing in a kicker? (Aaron Wilson) "We'll have a backup plan for sure. I think we'll just see how it feels tomorrow and then into Sunday. It's not a major thing; basically his calf cramped up. But we'll take every precaution between now and Sunday."

I was amazed to learn that you guys haven't scored a touchdown against the Colts since you've been here. (Jerry Coleman) "Where have you been the last three years? (laughter) Weren't you paying attention? (Reporter: "Isn't that a little mindboggling to you?") Well, that's what happened. We lost three games. We turned the ball over, and we didn't get turnovers all the time. They played great against us. We've played pretty well; the game here we had them in a sense. Every game is its own story as usual, but it's been a tough series for us the last three times out."

With Ray [Lewis] rested this week, did he make progress? And, would it probably make sense for him to rest this week as far as Sunday, too? (Aaron Wilson) "It might make sense. It would just depend on how well he's coming along. I think he's very close. It's one of those injuries that you just have to see how it goes. You have to take everything into consideration. Maybe he could have played the last couple weeks; maybe we decided to just mitigate the risk. We just have to see where we're at."

You need every game now. It's so important. The guys are really focused, it seems. (Jim Forner) "They always seem focused. December football, that's what it's all about. They need to be focused."

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