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Gary Kubiak Will Call Plays From The Field


New Ravens Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak has made his decision on where he will call plays from.

He'll be down on the field, in the thick of the action, with a direct line of communication to quarterback Joe Flacco.

"I've done it for the last eight years, and I have [quarterbacks coach] Rick Dennison up in the box with me, so it's a rhythm; something I've been doing," Kubiak said.

"I'll be down there with Joe so that I know I'm there when he comes off the field so we can talk. That's what we're doing right now, building that relationship, and I see that continuing that way."

Kubiak had done both calling plays from the field and the booth during his coaching career. He said at his introductory press conference that he wasn't sure which he would do in Baltimore.

Dennison will get a bird's eye view of the field. He will be able to communicate defensive schemes and any tendencies he's seeing to Kubiak via a headset.

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