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Here's What's Changed About Training Camp This Year

Under Armour Performance Center
Under Armour Performance Center

The Ravens and teams around the league have begun to open training camp.

After an agreement was reached between the NFL and NFLPA on Friday, rookies reported to camp Saturday, quarterbacks and injured veterans landed Monday, and full teams will be in place Tuesday.

"The NFL Clubs and the NFL Players Association approved an agreement that broadly resolves all outstanding issues relating to the opening of training camps and start of the 2020 season," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. "Training camps will begin as scheduled.

"We have worked collaboratively to develop a comprehensive set of protocols designed to minimize risk for fans, players, and club and league personnel. These plans have been guided by the medical directors of the NFL and of the NFLPA and have been reviewed and endorsed by independent medical and public health experts, including the CDC, and many state and local public health officials. The season will undoubtedly present new and additional challenges, but we are committed to playing a complete and safe 2020 season, culminating with the Super Bowl."

Goodell also published a letter Monday, saying in part, "Adaptability and flexibility will be needed for the foreseeable future. After all, even the best game plan changes as new challenges arise."

Some of the new training camp guidelines for this year reportedly include:

  • A 20-day ramp up period for players at the start of training camp before contact practices begin, with a maximum of 14 padded practices
  • First eight days following required coronavirus testing and physicals will consist of strength and conditioning training. Non-contact practices will begin on the 16th day of camp. The first padded practices will begin on Day 21.
  • No preseason games
  • Practice squads increased to 16 players, and four of those players can be protected each week from signing with another team
  • Rosters trimmed to 80 players no later than Aug. 16
  • Players who attend "high risk" events and contract COVID-19 can face team discipline and forfeiture of salary.
  • Players have the option to opt-out of the 2020 season (deadline to decide is Aug. 3).

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