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Highlights Of Jacoby Jones' Rumba Dance (GIFs)


Can Jacoby Jones be serious?

That was the question this week on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars."

Jones nailed it, showing a more romantic side with partner Karina Smirnoff during a rumba on the show's Prom Night.

The duo earned a tie for the second-highest score of the night with a 24. Country music singer Kellie Pickler and partner Derek Hough topped the marks with a 25.

While the first two episodes featured Jones' goofy side, the Ravens wide receiver revealed a different side this week.

Jones first said he went to his high school prom by himself, played a few pranks and got kicked out. Then he revealed that during his junior year in college, Hurricane Katrina destroyed his Mary Abramson High School in New Orleans. He dedicated his dance to his former school.

"I'm sitting there, walking around campus with a blank face not having a home to go back to," Jones said. "To know your high school is gone, that's kind of tough because that's the school that gave me a chance in life."

Here's the judges' take on Jones' performance:

Bruno Tunioli: "Jacboy, the great and powerful. You were smoldering like a volcano of passion about to unleash a river of fire on the dance floor. You were so into it. Wonderful arm extensions. Tiny, tiny things. Watch your foot placement because sometimes your toes were turned in. Otherwise, brilliant."

Carrie Ann: "I am impressed. You have incredible artistry, you have a way of connecting to the music. You were really feeling the passion of the music. I got pulled into it. That was just hot, sensual and artistic."

Len Goodman: "I can't believe it. I am absolutely shocked about that. We knew you could do the goofy stuff, but this had a refinement. It had quality of movement, it had moves. You did a good job there Jacoby, oh yes."

Now here's my take:

When you don't have a date to prom, you pose with the mantel. !

This is Jacoby practicing breathing exercises. Who doubted he could ever be serious? !

Karina: "Now look at me with the look of love." Yeah, Jacoby's not much of a romantic by nature. !

What is this, 50 Shades of Gray? !

Yuuuuuuup, that's sensual. Remember when I told you Jacoby and Karina had chemistry? Yuuuuuuup. !

Round and around and around and around we go. Bravo, sir. !

And now Karina is about to yack. Hey, at least Jacoby would understand. !

This is the point where my wife said, "Jacoby can take me to prom anytime." !

Torrey Smith, his fiancée Chanel Williams, and … Kicking Consultant Randy Brown? !

Here's the full dance:

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