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Hitting the Beach


In the midst of a tough set of offseason minicamps, a few Ravens took a quick vacation to the beach last weekend, as Jason Brown, Adam Terry, Dwan Edwards and Mike Kracalik participated in this year's Ravens' Roosts Convention.

Fans from 50 Ravens Roosts throughout Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania descended on Ocean City, Md., where the purple- and black-clad faithful let their Ravens pride boldly show.

It wasn't an event that celebrated the players that are the focus of so many cheers on Sundays, however. The convention, held May 29-June 1, is more for those doing the actual cheering, whether from their homes or at M&T Bank Stadium.

"This is really about the fans," said Terry. "It really just goes to show the love for football the fans have in and around Baltimore. They are fanatics, and that makes it special to play for them every weekend."

Terry and his teammates arrived Friday to a raucous reception at the Castle in the Sand Hotel. The Roost members had already enjoyed a day of punt and pass competition, tug of war, and horseshoes on the beach, along with a tailgate party featuring food from Beefalo Bob's Catering.

Things really got started when Brown and Terry stepped to the microphone for a little karaoke. Brown, who also MC'd last year's beachfront gala, started in on Looking Glass' "Brandy" with Terry singing backup to wild applause.

"We really appreciate everyone's support, because I think we all know that the Ravens have the best fans in the league," Brown said.

The marquee event of the weekend was Saturday's parade down Ocean City's Baltimore Ave. Each player perched on the back of a car to wave to fans, sign autographs and fling purple and gold beads into the crowd.

Perched atop a red Jeep Wrangler, Terry was amazed at the turnout for his first showing at the convention, even though he was warned by repeat attendees Kracalik and Brown.

"They really go all-out," Terry said with a smile. "It would have been fun to come to this in previous years."

The current Ravens were also joined by Edwin Mulitalo, who spent 2007 with the Detroit Lions after eight years in Baltimore. Mulitalo was at practice Friday morning before boarding a flight east from Detroit.

Mulitalo had been to every convention since 2000 before missing last summer's after his release. The T-shirts featuring Big Ed's Band - the guard's foundation - that spotted the crowd were a testament to the roots Mulitalo left in Charm City.

"I'm a Detroit Lion, but I'll always have love for the Ravens in my heart," Mulitalo said.

The Ravens then enjoyed a private dinner at Ocean City's Blue Ox Steakhouse. The upscale establishment's steaks, oysters and crab cakes left even the biggest of linemen with full stomachs.

Note: The Council of Ravens Roosts is an organization that has supported professional football in Baltimore since 1957, when the group was officially known as the Council of Colts Corrals. Over time, the Council has followed the NFL's Baltimore Colts, the USFL's Baltimore Stars, the CFL's Baltimore Stallions and now the Ravens. To date, there are 52 active Roosts in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania, and the group boasts over 3,500 football enthusiasts.

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