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*For the latest edition of Inside Answers, where we've taken questions from fans and brought them to a top performer in the Ravens' most-recent game. *


Here's cornerback Fabian Washington with his answers to your questions about Baltimore's meeting with Pittsburgh.


[Ed. note: Questions may have been edited for clarity.]

Jordan Bledsoe, Baltimore, MD:Hey Fabian, I am a big fan of yours. When you were drafted, I thought that you would immediately become one of the better defensive backs in the league. However, it took a while for you to find you niche and it looks like you have done that since coming to the ravens. Do you think that it was just a change of scenery that was needed for you excel in the pros?

Fabian Washington:"I would say that I did need the change of scenery. It was the best for both parties. I left, and they started over. Obviously, for me it worked out well so far. I'm glad to be here in Baltimore."

Tyler Thomas, Decatur, IL:First off, you're having a great season and congratulations!! How do you prepare to and come in off the bench on such short notice and back up on of the great cornerbacks in Chris McAlister?

FW:"I know what it takes to play in the league, so nothing is a big shock. Remember, I started for a few years in Oakland, so I just did what I've been doing."

Kyle Mathis, Lancaster, PA:After playing the amazing way you did, only to be pulled out for the Pittsburgh winning drive because of an injury, how do you mentally and physically get ready for the next game?

FW:"This is professional sports. You can't dwell on the past - just learn from it. This team has a bright future, so we're just looking forward, getting ready for the next game. This week, Dallas is another challenge."

Mitchell Sleep, Powell, WY:I have got one thing to ask you: Who is your favorite cornerback of all time? My favorite cornerback is you because you are such a role model to my brother and sister and I respect you for God given talent."

FW:"Hands down, Deion Sanders. He was unbelievable. He's doing our game this weekend, so I'm hoping to talk to him."

Marc-André Dandenault, Bromont: Hey Fabian, you're an amazing cornerback and I'm very happy you came to Baltimore, you fit really well into that defense. But I just want to know how it is to play with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed?

FW:"It's great. I never thought I'd be playing with the guys I looked up to so much. The best of the best. There's a sense of pride that this defense has, and it starts there."

Jennifer Huovinen, Essex:Hey Fabian! You're awesome to watch on the field. Everyone up in Section 541 loves it when you wave your hand in front of your face after a big play. I've been calling it the "Magic Man" ("Now you see me, now you don't") because I thought that maybe you got it from the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Is that what it means, or am I way off?

FW:"Ha! I have to admit, I took it from Corey Ivy. I can admit that. It's something we've been doing as cornerbacks all year. We're just having fun out there. But, it's not from the Magic Man."

Jochen Czihlarz, Austria:Now after you have been a Raven for nearly one season, could you describe what the differences between playing in Oakland's and Baltimore's defenses are?

FW:"Those guys - Rob and Rex Ryan - are pretty similar off the field, but on the field, their defense really are different. Rex likes to attack more. In Oakland, it was more of a Cover-1, Cover-3 type of team. It's a lot of fun to play in this defense now."

Michael Bell, Baltimore, MD:You went from being a first-round draft pick to being released to being picked up in Baltimore to starting on an excellent defense after the injury to Chris McAlister. How does it make you feel to have your career revitalized and being able to make big plays on the No. 2 defense in the league?

FW:"It's been great. I'm just happy for the opportunity to play here and make plays. I feel like Rex and my coaches have confidence in me, and I have great teammates. That's all you can ask for."

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