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Inside Answers: Lardarius Webb


For the latest edition of Inside Answers, where we've taken questions from fans and brought them to a top performer in the Ravens' most-recent game, h ere's cornerback/return specialist Lardarius Webb with his answers to your questions.

[Ed. note: Questions may have been edited for clarity.]

Irene Patterson, Owings Mills, Md.:Lardarius, congratulations on bringing some intensity and excitement to our return game. I just know it will be a short time before you take over that nickel back position. Are you planning on returning to your home or going on some exotic vacation for the bye week break? Best wishes for a successful second half of the season. Stay well.

Webb:"I'm going to see my little boy. He's got a football game on Saturday, so I can't wait to see that and be the proud father. He lives in my hometown of Alabama. He's also a junior. Lardarius Webb, Jr. Have to carry on the name."

David Kuhl, Wisconsin: Hey Webb! How much has learning from Ed Reed help evolve you as a successful football player? Keep up the great returns!

Webb:"He helped me see more of the game. Not just the athletic part. He helped me see how much you need to know all the other spots on defense and knowing what the offense is doing. You need to know where your help is. It's just being a smarter player. I've learned that from more than just Ed, though. It's Fox [Domonique Foxworth], Fabe [Fabian Washington], Frank [Walker]. All the guys that have been here. I always thought I had the athletic part down, but there is so much more to the game than just that. That's how you get to be a pro."

Brett Tinnes, Minot, ND: First off, I would like to say that I attended the Viking game, which was my first EVER NFL game, and I am very proud of this organization. I was still proud to sport my Ravens jersey after the game and was very impressed with our near comeback.

Lardarius, each time the Vikings kicked to you, I felt you were getting closer and closer to taking one back to the house. I was curious if you have any pre-kick saying you say to yourself, and if you have any celebration planned for the first kick you WILL return this year? Good luck to everyone, and I'm ready to watch more Ravens football after the bye week!

Webb:"Hey, all the way from North Dakota! To be honest, I do have something planned. Actually, two things. First, I always want to give thanks to the man upstairs. That's a big part of just getting to this point. As for the other thing, I'll give you a hint. Let's just say that it has something to do with my jersey number. I think you should be able to get an idea."

Jamie Parkin, Niceville, Fla.: WOW! Webb you looked great out there against the Vikings on Sunday! When you go to return the ball you are so fast, do you look straight ahead or do you rely on instincts to guide you? Tell everyone to rest up this week and we love you down here in Florida! You guys played with heart.

Webb:"Well, on kickoffs, the play never really happens exactly the way you draw it up because there is so much room on the field and guys are running full-speed. But, there's going to be a hole somewhere. Basically, I take off as fast as I can and look for where the coach drew it up. Then, I feel it out, looking for a hole. We do a good job blocking, so it's my job to find it. Sometimes, it's just going to be a little hole, but you have to just hit it."

Greg Whitelaw, Regina, Saskatchewan:Hey Ladarius, you probably don't know where Regina, Saskatchewan's in Canada. I'm a huge ravens fan. Tough loss, I wasn't happy as I'm sure you weren't even though you played well. My question is simple, you're obviously an extremely fast guy, how fast 40 do you run? And how do you compare with the rest of the team? Who's the fastest?

Webb:"I ran a 4.35, unofficially. It's tough to think about this locker room. I'll have to give it to Fabian, although Fox can move too. It would come down to them. When we had Yamon [Figurs] on this team, he would be in the conversation. I've never raced those guys. I won't do it. There is nothing free in this locker room, so if you want to run, you'd better be ready to pay. I'm too stingy with my money."

Dorsey Hairston, Tallahssee, Fla.:Lardarius, I love how you are hitting the hole hard and holding onto the football. I think the fans want to know with a great name like Lardarius, what's your nickname?

Webb:"I don't really have one, except for Webb. That's what the guys around here call me, and what the guys in college called me."

Chris Bridner, Ellicott City, Md.: Hey Lardarius. My mom is a teacher at Mayfield Woods Middle School where you and Kelly Washington recently visited. I just wanted to say thank you for making that visit. You have no idea how happy you made those kids, but also the teachers at the school as well. My question for you is do you feel like you are more successful/dangerous as a punt returner or a kick off specialist?

Webb:"I feel like I can do both if that's what the coaches want, but right now, I'm focusing on the kickoffs, because that's my job. Chris [Carr] is doing a good job on the punts, too."

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