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Inside Answers: Terrell Suggs


For the latest edition of Inside Answers, where we've taken questions from fans and brought them to a top performer in the Ravens' most-recent game, h ere's linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs with his answers to your questions about Baltimore's loss to the Patriots and the upcoming season.


[Ed. note: Questions may have been edited for clarity.]

Steve Malenchak, Clinton, N.J.: Hey Terrell, great game on Sunday. I was just wondering if you think those roughing the passer calls will affect your performance this week? It's obvious that we have gotten a bunch of bad calls over the years in regards to the quarterback, so do you think you'll be less aggressive out there, or just play as you have?

Suggs:"We can't stop being aggressive at all. That's what we say all the time. The way we play means that we are always going to play that same style, week-in and week-out. Some weeks, it's not going to work as good as it did the previous week, but we're just going to keep playing. You have to be aggressive and play your style, because you can get hurt if you don't."

Mike O'Donnell, Baltimore:"T-Sizzle, what is it like going into a game against the Bengals when they actually mean something in this league. Cincy has been non-relevant for years, but they may challenge for the AFC North title this year. I am as shocked as you might be."

Suggs:"Yeah, we haven't had this type of game between these two teams in a long time. But over the years, they've won some, and we've won some. A division game is important no matter who you're playing, so emotions are going to be high regardless. But now that the Bengals are getting hot, they're going to be playing hard. Our crowd is going to be up for it, and so are the Ravens."

Veronica Timmons, Glen Burnie, Md.:"Suggs, I am a huge fan and my son always wears his #55 jersey on Sundays for you. When you get to the quarterback, we cheer the loudest. My question is: what happened on the play when you sacked Tom Brady and got the fumble? Was there a special move set up?"

Suggs:"People don't understand this defense. I think you see us going one way or the other way, and you think it's something crazy. We just had us penetrating the gap inside, and I noticed that they were throwing the ball a lot on first down. They wanted us to get in a high rundown, and they were throwing it. I knew they were going to throw it, so I played run first and came out on his back. There was really nothing to it. It was kind of a guessing game, and I guessed right."

Justin Carter, Baltimore:"How big are defensive touchdowns in games? I mean, does the offense feed off that, too? Can you sense it on the sideline? Thanks for taking my question."

Suggs:"To get a turnover is huge, but to score on defense is precious. It can kill a team's momentum, and it can spark our offense to do something good. I think their next drive was one of those ones we got a penalty on and they ended up scoring on us, and that just goes to show how your luck can change in this game that fast. But, it was huge for us, because a defensive touchdown can really change the outcome of the game."

Jayme Jenkins, Memphis:"You are one of my favorite players! Did you wish you could have gotten that touchdown? Did you have to yell out to your teammates that the ball was loose and is it hard to find the ball at a time like that?"

Suggs:"It's not hard if you see it. I think everybody kind of saw it when I was running at him, so he did a good job of anticipating that. It was pretty great to see him pick the ball up and score for us. You have to give [Dwan] credit for that."

Harris Smith, Asburn, Va.:"T-Sizzle! I always have to defend my Ravens love here in Redskins country, but I know you'll take care of business this weekend. I want to know what your next tattoo will be. Are you going to get the design on your left arm on your right?"

Suggs:"I want to get my kids' names down my side. It's got to be once I tighten up my abs. Got to do some crunches. But, I wanted to show off the names of my kids. I thought one time I might get one on my calf, too. Maybe a Star Wars thing."

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