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Welcome to the latest edition of Inside Answers, where we've taken questions from fans and brought them to a top performer in the Ravens' most-recent game.

Here's defensive tackle Trevor Pryce, who is a key part of Baltimore's pass rush.

[Ed. note: Questions may have been edited for clarity.]

Brad Meester, Baltimore, MD:Hey Trevor. Great season so far. My question is: What goes through your mind when you think about where the team is now?

Trevor Pryce:"It's a new year, a new coach, things that you want to bounce your way have bounced your way. There are a lot of things that go into it. You've got to look back and say, 'what's really going on? We're catching a lot of breaks. But the good ones are always lucky. That goes hand-in-hand."

Bruce Torbor, Fayetteville, NC:Trevor, I read that you've got a few screenplays in the works and are a big writer. How do you find time to do that during the season?

TP:"You know what? A lot of people don't realize how much downtime we have. I don't think about movies when I'm at the Ravens' training facility, but I don't think about football when I'm home."

Duane Johnson, Dundalk:As a guy that is in movies, what is it like to watch other movies?

TP:"I realized I'm a real tough movie critic. I've walked out of 30 percent of movies I've ever gone to. I like something that will keep my attention. The more you begin to understand how movies are made, the less willing you are to sit through a bad film. If I didn't know what goes into writing a screenplay, I probably wouldn't have walked out of those films. But because I do know what's coming next, it's like: 'I'm just not enjoying this.'"

Mike Kelley, Nashville, TN:What's it like with a rookie head coach? And, go beat those Titans!!

TP:"You know, it's actually been really good because [Harbaugh] asks guys like me or Willie [Anderson] or Ray [Lewis] for our opinion, and, to the side, we can go talk to him. You don't want to try to show up your coach or anything like that. That's not what this game is about. But being a little older, I can go say, 'OK, coach, this, that and the other…' and he'll listen. A lot of coaches are stuck in their way, like, 'It's my way or the highway.' John has some flexibility. He didn't at first because he had to establish who he was, and we've been along for it. Ray and me and [Derrick] Mason and guys who have been around said we have to show that we're on board [with] the program, and everybody else will jump on board. You see where it's gotten us."

Harris McDougal, Boulder, CO:Even though you've been in the league for so many years, you're still producing at such a high level. What do you attribute that to this year?

TP:"I trained like a basketball player with the Denver Nuggets' strength coach. He put me in a weight vest and made me lift weights with it on and run sprints with it on. I jogged three miles and rode my bike 30 miles, and it got to the point where I wondered if I could run a five-minute mile. So I tried it.

"Of course, I failed. But my first time I had it under six minutes, and I never could run a mile before in my life. Then, I tried to do the conditioning test with my weight vest on one day, and I almost passed it. With my weight vest on."

Patrick Barrett, San Diego, CA:Do you think you can play many more years?

TP:"I think I'm getting faster the older I get. Not because of physical gifts – we all have physical gifts in the NFL – but I think it's more about the fact that I care more about it. You think differently when you get up in age, and you start to realize that this is a blessing more than a job. A lot of it is in your head. So who knows?"

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