Interview Transcripts: October 15th


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "OK, good to see everybody. We're getting started. We had a good morning of meetings and a good walk-through, and we're here at work."

On what intrigues him about the Miami "Wildcat Offense" after looking at film for a few days:"It's the same thing in terms of what we talked about Monday. The basic issue is that they pick up one less defender in the box, so they've got one extra blocker, so to speak, to run their run game. They run their base runs. They run their power and their sweep, their lead plays. It's their base run package, so nothing's different for the offensive line, except now they've got one less guy to block, and they've got all the peripheral stuff going on that you've got to line up to. But then they throw in some passes and some trick plays, so you've got to defend that stuff. You get all enamored with what you see in front of you, and you've got to defend a very good running game against two really, really good running backs. And all of a sudden, someone's running behind you. So, they've gotten some big plays out of it, and it's really been a big boost for their offense."

On if he has decided whether T Adam Terry or G/C Chris Chester will play in G Marshal Yanda's place:"We can't decide right now because Adam has the knee [injury] still. He's rehabbing it, and we think there's a chance [he'll play Sunday]. I don't know if there's a percentage on it right now, but there's a chance he can play Sunday. We want to get him some work in there at guard, though, this week if we can. If we can't, he can go in there and play because he's played guard before. We just have to see how that shakes out. In the meantime, Chris will be practicing there, and if [Adam] can't go, Chris will play."

On there is specific information from the MRI on Yanda and how soon he'll be ready to play next year:"He's torn three ligaments, all very repairable. He should be back for the OTAs and be practicing full-speed in the OTAs."

On the challenge in transitioning Terry from tackle to guard:"Well, it's not an easy adjustment; they're different positions. Obviously, things at guard happen quicker and lower. You've got to get into a powerful position more quickly. Tackle is more of a space position, but we're quite certain he can make the adjustment."

On his thoughts on facing Miami's rookie head coach Tony Sparano: "How do I think about it? I don't think too much of the Tony Sparano/John Harbaugh matchup. It's not going to be a very good matchup. I don't think anybody's going to pay to see that one. They've done a great job there. Of course, Bill Parcells and Tony have put that team together, and Tony's done a great job of coaching the team along with their staff. And, you can see they've made progress. Personnel-wise, they've made a lot of progress, and they're developing the type of football team they want to have."

On if there is anything Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron can take from his year as head coach at Miami that will help the team prepare this week:"What does Cam help us with in terms of defending the Dolphins because Cam was there last year? It's not a lot. The scheme is completely different. The personnel, to a large degree, is different. Maybe there are some things in personnel, but it's really not something that I think is dramatic in any way."

On how big of a decision it is to choose where to add guys on the roster and practice squad after losing players to the Injured Reserve list: "The biggest thing is, it is a tug-of-war, of where do we need the most help. A lot of it goes down to where do you need help at practice and where are your potential injuries that a guy could be pulled out of a game, a game could be shortened, and where do we need the backup help the most. That's kind of what's going into it, but we're going to be in flux here as we go until we get our roster healthier as a whole, and we can make some more defining decisions. Right now we're just trying to keep ourselves in a position where we've got enough players at each position that can go in and help us – and that we can practice for it."

On if he gets a sense that players are remembering last season's game against Miami:"What happened last year? I haven't heard anything about it, in all honesty."

On whether T Jared Gaither is OK to play after missing part of Sunday's game:"He's OK. He's dealing with the same thing he had last week, but he's fighting through it. He'll practice, and he looks good. And, he played well."

On if there is any news on WR Demetrius Williams and WR/RS Yamon Figurs after their MRIs earlier in the week:"We got decent news on those guys. They'll be day-to-day. There's a chance that both of them will play this game. There's a chance that one of them will play [and] there's a chance that neither one of them will play. But they're in the mix to play."

On the status of S Dawan Landry's recovery from his neck injury:"Dawan Landry has been recovering very rapidly. He's a big, strong guy. You guys have seen him walking around – he's got the [big] neck and the shoulders – and that aids his recovery very quickly. So, he'll be back sooner rather than later."

On his confidence in the team's resiliency and if he is looking for signs of how the team is responding to losing the last three games:"You always are [looking at your team]. It's no different whether you win a game or whether you lose a game. If you're sitting there and you've won three games in a row, you're concerned about how they respond to practice and what their mentality is going to be out there. What you're looking for is a really good practice. What we're looking for today is a really good football practice."

On if he will change the Ravens' style of defense with Miami's style of offense:"We attack everything. That's our style. So we'll be going after it, and we'll be attacking it like we do every formation they run."

On how important LB Bart Scott has been to the defense even though he may not have the statistics he might like:"Measuring guys in terms of just pure stats is dangerous. When you watch the tape, Bart is a real physical player, and he makes his presence known in that way. Whether it's taking on fullbacks, making tackles – even in coverage – Bart has played very well. There are many things he can do better, and he's working to be better at those. From a technique standpoint, he needs to continue to improve, and he's doing that."

On how Dolphins QB Chad Pennington has fit into or rejuvenated the offense in Miami:"Well, you know, he's always been a good* *quarterback. We've played him over the years, and Chad Pennington can play. He's always been a dangerous guy. He gets the ball out really quickly, he's very accurate, and he knows where to go with the football. Those are his strengths. And he can move around and scramble, too, and throw on the run. He's the same quarterback he's been, and they've done a nice job of adjusting their scheme to his strengths."

QB Joe Flacco

On what makes offensive coordinator Cam Cameron so successful at his job:"Just the process it takes from the time he gets here, throughout the season, he made sure he prepared the whole offense the way as needed. We go out there, and we're able to play with a lot of confidence. Eventually, everybody hits the ground running at the same time as it comes together, and as an offense his offenses look good."

On his confidence level after playing that last game: "On Sunday? It's behind me now. We've got to go out and move on to Sunday against Miami. Obviously, we don't feel good about what happened, but the only way to fix that is to go out there against Miami and play well."

On how he would describe his temperament:"I don't know. The last thing you want to do is sit back there and dwell on what happened on Sunday. Like I said, we all feel bad about it, and we're going to until we play again, until we win. The only way we can do that, get rid of that feeling, is to go out there on Sunday."

On what he sees in Dolphins LB Joey Porter and the defense:"They've been playing good together as a unit this year. It'll be good for us to go down there and see what we have and see how we can come back from this past Sunday."

On if there is a veteran quarterback who he calls for advice:"I mean, I could call some people, I guess, if I chose to. I haven't really talked to anybody this week. I may, but I don't necessarily plan on it. It may just happen."

On what losing G Marshal Yanda means to him:"Obviously, we all love Marshal. When something like that happens, it's the last thing we want – to see your teammate and your friend on the ground. You feel bad for him. You know he's been working as hard as he possibly can for you all season, and he's been doing a great job. So anytime that happens, you don't feel good about it. But on the other hand, we've got guys who can step in and do a good job for us."

On if the last couple of weeks have been a rougher learning experience than he thought:"It's just part of it. There are things that you don't want to do when you play quarterback, but eventually, I guess, they're going to happen. When that stuff does happen, as it's happened, you've got to deal with it and move on, and become better regardless."

On if seeing Giants QB Eli Manning throw three interceptions against the Browns makes him realize that it can happen to any quarterback:"Yeah, I mean you know, guys do it every week, and come back and have a good game after that. It's all about what you do the next week. Eventually, it's going to be forgotten. It's going to be a couple of weeks in the past. It's all about what you do from that point."

On TE Todd Heap's comment about the offense being a few steps away, and what is being said in the offensive meeting rooms to encourage that attitude:"You've just got to keep the confidence up. Obviously, things haven't been going the way we wanted them to, necessarily, but we feel like we're right there. We feel like we're going to be there sooner rather than later. We've got to keep the confidence up and make sure everybody knows they're going to be involved. And if everybody just goes out there with the mindset that we've got to be better from what we did last week, and we've got to continue improve, then we're eventually going to get there."

On if it's about everybody winning their individual battles:"Yeah. Obviously, we have to play as a unit, but that starts with going out there and doing your job. And I think everybody understands that, and everybody has been doing a good job of that. We've just got to get better at it."

On one thing he could pinpoint that would really turn the offense around: "I don't know if there's one thing. There are so many things throughout the course of the game. I guess the main thing would be ball security. We always talk about it. There just comes a time when you actually have to go out there and do it. That's what you have to do."

On what it meant to have Colts QB Peyton Manning talk to him after the game:"He said a couple of words to me. I've been watching Peyton for a while now, since probably before high school or right about the time I entered high school. He's been a great quarterback. I've always rooted for him, and just to have someone come up to me after a game like that, it's always cool. I think I kind of understood what he said and took it for what it was. Obviously, he's had great success in this business, so he knows what he's talking about."

TE Todd Heap

On facing Dolphins LB Joey Porter:"Oh, he's my favorite guy now. You know what? I've gone against Joey a lot, so we know each other. I know his game, he knows mine, and it's always a battle. It's competitive when we're out there. I look forward to it, I'm excited about it. I know what he's going to try to get accomplished, and I have my own goals going into this game."

On what he's seen in the Ravens' offense this season:"I think we just need to get off to a quick start in the game and get off to a rhythm. I think, if you go look at our film and watch our games closely, it's a matter of a few steps here, a few steps there. There were a couple plays early in last week's game where we made, [if] one thing happened here, a better block here, a better cut here, and we're out the gate. So that's one thing that I've noticed. We're close, but we're just not finishing. We're not getting those explosive plays. We're not executing well enough to make those big plays happen. And that's when you get the defense wondering what they're doing and if what they're doing and what they've prepared for all week is right. Then they go back to what they know, and that's what you've really prepared for, what you see on film every week. I think we're just a few steps here and there, very close."

On if he a blocker first and a pass-catcher second:"I'm a tight end right now. No, I'm just going out there, trying to help the team win – anything that's asked of me, anything that I can do to help the team win. And that's our main focus this week, is trying to get back on that track, trying to get back in the win column, trying to be 3-3 this week. That's our only focus. I'll do whatever I can, whatever they ask of me, to get that job done."

On if he talks to QB Joe Flacco about his struggles:"I do talk to Joe, but at the same time it's not as much of, 'This is what you need to do, this is how you can get through this.' Joe's a smart guy, he knows all those things, and he's the type of guy that as soon as there's a mistake, he's quick to learn from it. In your first year, you're going to see a lot of things, a lot of firsts, and a lot of things for the first time. I think that's what he's experiencing right now. But his personality, I think, I listened to Derrick [Mason] state it before: There's nothing we can say. You let the quarterback play, you let him brush it off his shoulders and go to the next play. He's good at that. You can see that resolve in him when he comes back to the huddle. It's like it never happened. Short memory, it's good to have."

On how much it helped him to have a veteran guy like Shannon Sharpe to learn from:"Oh, it's just huge, but at the same time, you never know if it's better to learn it all by yourself. Then you have those lessons, those things that you can fall back on, you can rely on and say, 'I learned that first-hand; I'm able to make those adjustments.' When you drop back, when you see a certain coverage, you're able to fall back and say, 'OK, I remember this happened against this team my rookie year,' and you won't make those same mistakes. That's what I think we're going to see out of Joe, is over time see how he develops that, how he handles those situations when he's in a game."

On the loss of G Marshal Yanda:"You're sick for a guy like Marshal. The mentality, the intensity that he brought to our offense, is going to be extremely missed. That's a guy that just brought that physical mentality every week to practice, to the games. [He is] definitely a guy that I loved lining up with. But it's unfortunate that he's going to [be out], and we're going to miss him. At the same time, another guy has got to step up and take his place. Another guy has got to get in there and pick up where he left off. So I look forward to seeing that happen. I look forward to seeing the whole offensive line. They've been working so hard together, they've been putting so much time in, that it's not just one guy – it's the unit. And I think we're going to see what they're made of. I already know what they're made of, but I'm excited to have everybody see it."

On how much falling behind in the score takes them out of their offensive scheme:"Well it changes, obviously. When you fall behind by a lot, and you have a whole half to try to get back, you have to adjust. You can't just… Obviously, you want to mix in some run here, but it changes to a pass-first offense right away because you're behind. You've got to play the clock as well. You have a half to catch up. That's where we were last week. We fell behind, and the good thing was, I saw a lot of guys that… We didn't feel like we were out of it the whole time, but it just happened to where things weren't going our way. The ball wasn't bouncing our way. Like I said, a lot of things we missed by just that much. We can learn from those things and hopefully make those plays earlier in the game to where we're not falling behind, where we can stick with our game plan."

LB Ray Lewis

On how much last year's loss to the Dolphins sticks in the back of his mind:"Well, for me personally, last year I got hurt. I tore my doggone finger wide open, so I'm trying to forget that as soon as I can and because you never want to leave your teammates out there to finish a game like that. So, that part of it, for me, I'm trying to get totally rid of it out of my system already. Outside of that, it's just going out to play, just like any other game. It's just the next team on our schedule. At the same time, I'm kind of trying to keep the same approach with the guys around here."

On the challenge of facing RB Ronnie Brown and the "Wildcat" formation:"Honestly, I don't think it's a challenge. I think it's still football. There's one football on the field, so only one person is going to touch the ball whether it's him back there catching the ball or him trying to hand it off to Ricky [Williams]. It's still football, man. The way we play defense, it doesn't matter. All we've got to find is the football. That's the bottom line. I just think they're doing some creative things to try to really disguise and trick people. But the bottom line is, just find the football."

On whether that formation changes his reads at all:"No, it doesn't change the reads at all. The only thing is that, like I said, if you're not studying, absolutely it changes your read because then you're worried about all this confusion and what's going on. You watch the couple of plays they did hit, [and defenders] just aren't doing their jobs. You have safeties running up to play the run and leaving tight ends wide open in the corner of the end zone against New England and things like that. All you've got to do is do your job, and everybody keep their eyes on where the play is going and where the ball is, and you should be OK."

On if the bitterness of last year's loss is in the back of his mind:"Not at all. I just answered that same question. It's not at all. Like I said, for me personally, it's just about finishing the game. Last year, I didn't finish the game. I came out with an injury, and you don't ever want to finish a game like that. That part of it is already blocked out in my head. For me, with this team right now, it's just to keep us focused on the next game on our schedule. That's our focus right now."

On refusing to wave the white flag even when the team is down:"You can't. The game of football is about 60 minutes, no matter if you're winning or losing. Bottom line, just finish the game. That's what I always try to tell my guys because there's going to be some times when you're going to be on that side, and you're going to be up by that type of margin. You're going to have to finish people out. So play with the same effort for 60 minutes of football, and everything in your career will truly be a career that you enjoy."

On the passing of former teammate Chuck Evans:"That news, that's kind of when you get away from the game to where you really realize that football is really just a game, and you try to block it out as quick as possible. Chuck was a great and dear friend to me. Me and Chuck went to war together many times, and he's just one of the greatest men I've ever met. For him to be gone, it's a shocker that he is not here anymore, but my regards go out. My prayers have been going up so heavily just for his family and things like that. When something like this shockingly happens to a young guy – to a young guy, man – it's just almost devastating. But God has an ultimate plan, and hopefully Chuck is already resting."

WR Derrick Mason

On if he wishes the Ravens could run Miami's "Wildcat Offense":"Nah, that isn't us. We run our offense for a reason; they run theirs for a reason. They have guys that fit that system, and we have guys that fit our system. Whether you run the Wildcat or West Coast or a traditional offense, you've got to have the players to run that offense. We have the players to our game."

On whether the sting of last year's loss in Miami stays with the Ravens and motivates them this year in their:"No. Last year was last year. It's hard to go 0-16, very hard to go 0-16. Just like it's hard to go 16-0, or 18 or 19-0. They deserved to win last year by the way they played. This is a new year, so we'll see how it pans out. They've been playing very well. They've had two or three great victories, I know, and they played well in their other games. We've just got to execute as an offense, defense and special teams unit. We'll see where it goes from there."

On whether he can pinpoint what the problems have been in the Ravens' losses in the last three games:"Turnovers. In the last three games we've had a total of probably almost 10 turnovers. As an offense, you can't do that. You can't get anything going when you have that many turnovers. I think that's just been the biggest thing for us. If we don't turnover the ball then we're able to move the ball. But if you don't have it, you can't move it. So I think that's been the biggest thing for us. Those things are correctable. We've just got to make better decisions at certain times of the game. Stuff like that's correctable, but I think we're still doing good as an offense when we do have the ball and we don't turn it over and make mistakes."

On if there are chances to big plays downfield:"It's there. We've tried to throw it deep a bunch of times this year. Last year, [you] say we didn't throw it deep enough. But if you throw it, and this year we're throwing it, and now it's like, '[Where is] the deep ball?' It's there, but last game they took it away from us, obviously, for obvious reasons. We've got the guys that can make the play on the field, and then they got up so quickly that they wanted to keep everything in front of them. It's there, but we've just got to pick and choose, and we've got to go out on the field and try not to press the issue. It will come to us."

On maintaining a comfortable level with QB Joe Flacco:"You just keep moving. It's a situation where there are no changes, so you anticipate the same thing every week. You anticipate the same guy being under center. So I think as the weeks go, you can build that rapport with that quarterback. The offense can start to sync on all cylinders, click on all cylinders, and, like I said, minimize the turnovers. If coach says Joe is the man, then Joe is the man. It doesn't change unless the coach says it's changed."

On if he offers advice to Flacco when he is struggling:"I just encourage him, man. [I] tell him to keep playing football. The last thing you want to do is sit there and talk to your quarterback the whole game. They don't want to hear that. I wouldn't want to hear it if I was the quarterback. I don't want to hear it, and I'm the receiver. If I messed up, tell me one time and let it go. That's Joe: Tell him one time what he did wrong, obviously he knows, and you try to help him correct it. But don't browbeat him. Let it go. Keep moving forward. But you do encourage him and [tell him to] forget about it. But other than that, you've got to leave the quarterback alone – let him play football."

On how much the loss of G Marshal Yanda hurts the Ravens' offense and what adjustments will have to be made:"It's a big loss because the offensive line is doing so well, and Yanda was one of the guys that you really counted on. He's a very, very good player. He's one of those guys that is an up-and-coming guard. He was good at what he was doing. Just for a guy to switch from a tackle to guard last year, he was doing a tremendous job. But it's an opportunity for another guy to step up and help us out. Our motto is, 'Next man up.' Either you're going to be prepared and ready to go or fall on your face. I think those guys on that offensive line are well prepared. I think the backups prepare just as hard as the starters, and they'll be ready to go for the rest of the season."

On what offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has brought to the Ravens' offense:"I think he [brings] an upbeat tempo that's made it fun. I don't know what he was like last year, but he always wants to do something different. He's always nitpicking – which is good as an offensive coordinator. You always want to make sure everything is right as offensive coordinator, and he's always on guys. [He'll tell them], 'This play is not going to work unless you're here. If we're here, you're going to run a route at this depth.' And that's good for a team. With this offense you've always got to be on your P's and Q's because one yard deep, one yard short, one step here, [and] you will throw the timing off. I think he's brought that sense of, 'Come on guys!' [He's brought] that sense of urgency, that sense of timing to the offensive unit."

LB Terrell Suggs

On whether the "Wildcat Offense" changes anything the defense does:"Definitely, because of its high success rate. It's been highly successful up to this point, so it's definitely going to change some things, and we definitely have to look at some things. Ronnie Brown, he's looking like the best running back in football right now, so it's definitely got our eyeballs raised."

On if he is impressed with what the Dolphins are doing:"I mean, kind of. But any team that's hungry, they're dangerous. I mean, it's the NFL. Teams are going to win games. They're a good team, and we found out last year when they beat us. You're not going to have two bad years in a row. Well, most teams don't, but they're not going to have two bad years in a row."

On whether he is hungry and dangerous:"Definitely. We're down right now, and last week was definitely a wake-up call. Definitely, getting lit up like that, that's on the defense. That's all of us that are on that side of the ball. We're definitely going to be dangerous. We know this is our season right here, so it's got to be taken like this could make or break our season. This is the game. Everybody thought maybe it was the Pittsburgh game or the Tennessee game. It was neither one of those. This is it. You lose this one, it's going to be you guys [in the media] starting to wither off and starting to jump off the bandwagon. So we're trying to keep everybody on."

On trying to avoid momentum in the wrong direction like they faced last season:"The thing snowballed on us before we knew it. At the break, I think we were like 4-2, and the next thing you know we were 4-8, 4-9. You definitely want to stop the streak, so you've got to get a win. We've lost three straight. The fact of the matter is we've got to get a win."

On the sting of last year's defeat against the Dolphins:"Last year is gone. You don't deal with last year's issues this year. You address that in the offseason, but last year is gone. They're 2-3, we're 2-3. The best team on Sunday is going to win. If they want it more than us and we don't do what we're supposed to, then you'll probably see a repeat of what happened last Sunday. But if we go out there and we execute, we do what we know we're capable of doing, it should be a pretty good game."


Head Coach Tony Sparano

On what stands out about the Ravens' offense on film: "I think that they're very physical. Their offensive line [has] big, strong people. [I have] a lot of respect for what they're doing up front there. Ben Grubbs, I think, is an outstanding player. I think they have two backs that carry the ball extremely well. [Le'Ron] McClain, he's a powerful guy. [Willis] McGahee is a powerful guy. You've got to wrap these guys up and tackle them. I think both receivers are guys that can make big plays. That is something that certainly has hurt us over the last several weeks."

On whether he anticipates the Ravens attempting to establish the run, given that they start a rookie quarterback: "Certainly, rookie quarterback or no quarterback, I think that just seems to be what they want to do. They want to establish the run and come in and move the ball that way. I'm sure they watched our film last week. They've seen them having success against us throwing the football, as well. Arizona had success throwing the ball against us a little bit, so I'm sure that they're going to test the water that way, as well."

On where the "Wildcat Offense" came from and where it's going: "Well, I don't know exactly where it's going. It came from David Lee, my quarterback coach here, and he had experience with it when he was in Arkansas. It's something that we work on during our spring drills, and it just was the right time a couple weeks ago. We've done it, and it's become a little bit of our personality, but just a little bit."

On if he willingly accepted the "Wildcat" or had to be convinced:"We were a 1-15 team a year ago, so I was willingly accepting anything that I thought would help us win games. This was a situation where I felt like [it could work], depending on the personnel. Of course, it's all about personnel. If you don't have the people, it certainly wasn't going to be something that we did. It might've taken a little bit of arm-twisting, but I thought that, at the end of this, we had two good backs, and it was a way to get them both on the field."

On what the addition of QB Chad Pennington has meant to the team: "It's been a tremendous addition for us. We were lucky to be able to bring a player in like that. The credit goes to Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells. What he's done for us is he's brought an instant credibility at the quarterback position to a very young offense. We're a young offense. We're a young football team, one of the youngest in the league. So we're trying to figure out what our identity is, and here comes Chad Pennington, and he helps us pull all these pieces together."

On whether he is surprised by the success they have had in the "Wildcat" alignment: "Well, I'll be honest with you. To me, an efficient play in our league is a 4-yard play. So, at the end of this, [am I] surprised to gain four yards? No. Surprised that there were some bigger plays that came out of it? Maybe so. When we put this thing in, it was just a way to get the right personnel on the field and to gain four yards, and we've had a couple of big plays come out of it. I think that might've surprised me a little bit that way."

On using the formation to maximize RB Ronnie Brown's potential: "First of all, Ronnie is a heck of a football player. Whether he's getting the ball in the shotgun or getting it behind the quarterback there, he's a heck of a football player. I think one of the things that this does for Ronnie, like any other back, they like space before they get to the line of scrimmage. So he's able to use his vision. If you have a back back there with good vision, then you can make some good plays. I think that's helped Ronnie."

On attacking the Ravens' offensive line where they have faced injuries:"I know that they've had a couple injuries there. I certainly know some of the potential pieces from the replacements they employ, and they're outstanding players. Everybody has injuries in our league. In the first game of the season, we lost our starting right guard for the entire season, so we had to have somebody go in there and step up. I know that they have some outstanding players there. I think they're a deep team. As far as attacking them, it's not going to change the way we go about our business during the game."

On if anything can be learned from last year's game between the two teams:"I don't know. I don't really think so, at least from our end, other than personnel. We got a chance to watch last year's game and see the personnel. Now, you know, there are some different faces on both teams right now when I watch that film. So I don't know how much you can really take from that film."

On whether the Ravens have any advantage with Cam Cameron knowing the Dolphins' personnel: "I'm not sure one way or the other. I'm sure that coach Cameron, he does know the personnel. Whatever information is shared, that's their business. But we've still got to go out there, we've got to play the game, and we've got to execute on our side of the ball."

LB Joey Porter

On whether the offense he's going to play this week is the offense he practiced against all last year: "It has a lot of similar things that we did last year. It's pretty much the same offense. Different personnel, different people running it, but, yeah, it's the same offense."

On if he would be willing to talk about why Cam Cameron failed in Miami:"No, I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in questions about us playing the Ravens, and that's about it."

On his past dealings with guys like LB Ray Lewis and TE Todd Heap: "What is there to talk about?"

On having memorable run-ins with those guys and how it's going to feel to see them again: "I saw them last year. It was a football game. I don't know what you all are looking for, what kind of story you're looking for, but I thought you were going to call me and ask me what type of game plan or something like that, something on that page. But it doesn't sound like that's what you all are trying to talk about."

On what type of game plan they have going this week: "Same game plan. We're going to try to take away the run. We know they want to run the ball against us. We know they have a young quarterback in [Joe] Flacco, so it'd be in our best interest to try and stop the run and put the game in Flacco's hands."

On whether he can learn anything from what Indianapolis did against the Ravens: "I haven't broken down that tape yet, but I will today and tomorrow and so on through the week and figure out what works against them that way."

On his thoughts on Cameron as an offensive coordinator and whether familiarity with him will help Porter on Sunday: "It's the same offense that we practiced against all year last year, but hopefully we'll go out there and get after that offense. We used to [do that] pretty good in practice, but, like I said, I don't know how much control he had over the offense last year. He was the head coach for us, so he's a different coach when he's a play-caller."

On if the team respected Cameron as the head coach: "I thought you were going to ask me about some other stuff. Man, I respect any coach that I have as the head coach. But it seems like you started getting off the topic about that, and you're looking for something else, so I'm going to cut this one short."

On how the Ravens' offensive line injuries play into how the Dolphins' defense will attack them: "When anybody is banged up, it doesn't matter if it's the offensive line or a running back situation or any situation that's banged up, you want to come after that. So we're going to try to look for advantages against the offensive line if we see some. But that's not going to change the way we attack the Ravens' offense."

On what the difference is in Miami between this year and last year: "We have a whole new team. Last year was last year. This year is this year. We have 25 different players on the team. We have a whole new front office, whole new everything. It's a whole new culture around here. It's just a different team. You can't even compare the two."

On if he licks his chops at the thought of trying to rattle a rookie quarterback: "Hopefully we just go out there and throw some things at him that we watched Pittsburgh do to make him want to hold the ball and just try to get after him. Our biggest thing is that we know they're a good team that wants to run the ball, and we don't want them to come into our house and think they can run the ball. So we want to take away the run and put all the pressure on the young quarterback."

On whether Flacco holds the ball too long: "You can never hold it too long. Hopefully, he holds it long enough for us to get to him."

On how good the Dolphins are this year: "We're all right. We're just trying to win a game around here. We take everything one week at a time. In about 10-12 more weeks, I'll tell you how good we are."

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