Jacoby Jones Can't Wait To Get Back To Football


Nobody exited the "Dancing With The Stars" television studio faster than Jacoby Jones.

The confetti was still on the floor and the dancers were going through rounds of interviews when Jones took off running to the confusion of everyone.

The Ravens wide receiver had fun in Hollywood, but he's ready for Baltimore and eager to get back to football.

"I'll be back in Baltimore Thursday," Jones said. "I'm going to rest my body – ice tub, hot tub. I can't wait to get back on that green grass. I promise you, I miss it."

Jones has stayed in shape during near constant rehearsals. But they've also taken a bit of a toll on his body. Jones admitted he was "a little tired" after his final dance Tuesday night. The dance rehearsals are long and demanding.

But Jones is hoping his dancing will actually help him on the football field.

"It made me graceful, it made me patient, my footwork is better and I'm actually more flexible," Jones said. He then joked, "I know I'm not going to stretch no more now because I dance."

At the very least, it adds more material for Jones' end zone dances in 2013.

"Just wait and see. I got some dances up my sleeve," Jones said.

Competition won't end for Jones after his third-place finish in "Dancing With The Stars" He enters a wide receiver battle for the spot behind Torrey Smith with Tandon Doss, Deonte Thompson, LaQuan Williams, Tommy Streeter and Aaron Mellette.

Jones said he's been itching to join in.

"I've been getting so aggressive," he said. "I've been tossing [partner] Karina [Smirnoff] around like she's a rag doll."

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