Jacoby Jones Has Plenty Of Touchdown Dances Ready To Unveil


Ravens kick returner/wide receiver Jacoby Jones has developed a reputation for his touchdown celebrations.

First there was the "Choppa City Juke." Then he **channeled his inner Deion Sanders** with a tribute to Primetime's touchdown dance. On Sunday he debuted his rendition of the “Cabbage Patch."

Three touchdowns, three different dances.

So does he have any more dance moves in store for future touchdowns?

"I got plenty," Jones said with a grin after Sunday's 55-20 win over the Raiders. "I keep them in my back pocket. I'm trying to get on Dancing With The Stars."

Jones showed off the "Cabbage Patch" on Sunday after a 105-yard kickoff return, which was his second kickoff return of the season. Jones wasn't even touched on the play, and he simply blew right past the coverage for the score.

After the touchdown, Jones flipped the ball to his mom in the stands and then started doing the dance right in front of his family.

Even Head Coach John Harbaugh liked what he saw.

"I was impressed," Harbaugh said on Monday. "He tossed the ball to his mom, and he and his mom had that little dance thing going. We did show it to the team today in our team meeting."

After the game, Jones taught CSN's Brent Harris how to do the dance, and even convinced Harris to show off his moves on live TV (watch in the video below).

Jones has more than dance moves in his repertoire, as the speedy veteran has provided explosiveness to the return game and the offense.

With Sunday's return, he became the first player in Ravens history to record two career kickoff returns. He is also the first player in NFL history to notch two kickoff returns of at least 105 yards.

"That's good for our unit – kick returns, punt returns, whatever. Everybody should share in it. That's good for all of us," Jones said. "My guys did a heck of a job blocking. They take pride in it, and I certainly appreciate them for it. All I try to do is run fast and score."

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