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Jacoby Jones Makes Immediate Impact In Return

There was no dance, but there was a touchdown in Jacoby Jones' return to the field.

In his first game back since Week 1, Jones caught two passes for 42 yards and a touchdown and looked to have his explosiveness back on a couple of kickoff returns as well.

"I'd feel better if we got the win," Jones said. "Health-wise, I was good."

Jones missed four games due to a sprained knee suffered in Denver when his own teammate ran into him on a punt return. He was limited in his first game back.

Jones didn't get the start or see his usual number of offensive snaps. He shared receiving duties with rookie Marlon Brown.

Jones also shared return duties. He took all of the kickoffs, but fellow wide receiver Tandon Doss was sent out on all but one punt return against the Packers.

That didn't mean Jones didn't have an impact, however.

He caught both passes targeted for him. The first was a 31-yard catch and run in the first quarter that converted on third-and-10. Then quarterback Joe Flacco targeted him again in the fourth quarter.

Jones was in a bunched formation to the right and simply ran a route to the corner of the end zone. He snuck behind cornerback Sam Shields and the safety was too late to help. Flacco hit him with a looping pass and Jones got to feet in bounds for the 11-yard score.

"We had a nice play call," Jones said. "The safety didn't get off the hash [mark], the corner just set, and Joe threw a great ball. I did what I do best – catch the ball."

Jones didn't do his trademark dance. He just hugged his teammates, then ran to the back of the end zone and flipped the ball to his now famous mother and aunt. His aunt is a breast cancer survivor, so he said the ball was for her.

The Pro Bowl returner was also impressive on kick returns. Jones had a 30-yard return the first time he touched the ball, then a 35-yarder in the third quarter. He finished with four returns for 102 yards, an average of 25.5 yards.

"I was so anxious," Jones said of his first kick return. "I hadn't played in a month. They just gave me the opportunity to return it and I wasn't holding back."

Jones said no player is 100 percent on the field, but that he felt healthy enough to suit up. He didn't seem to suffer any setbacks during the game and the Ravens reported no new injuries.

"I played, didn't I?" Jones said. "If I can play, I can go – I'm fine. As long as I'm not watching on the sidelines, I'm good."

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