Joe Flacco Has Historically Rebounded After Losses


No quarterback is at their best every single game. And Joe Flacco certainly wasn't in Sunday's 43-13 loss in Houston.

But Flacco has a track record of rebounding after losses, providing hope the Ravens can get back on track after the bye.

The Ravens haven't lost back-to-back games since 2009, a NFL-best streak of 14 straight wins. Flacco has been a major reason for that.

He has completed 278 of 434 passes (64.1 percent completion rate) for 3,508 yards, 22 touchdowns and just four interceptions following a loss.

That equates to a 102.2 quarterback rating, which is about 17 points higher than his career rating of 85.7.

Flacco wasn't in the locker room this week to talk about his ability to bounce back, or how he's approaching the bye following Sunday's lopsided loss.

But wide receiver Torrey Smith talked about the offense's ability to turn things around.

"It's the NFL. You have to be able to rebound; everything is not going to go the way you want it to every single week," Smith said.

"There are going to be ups and downs – and the downs are going to be some very, very low times – so you just have to be able to bounce back, and that's how you become great."

Smith brushed away the notion that there's been a shift in team morale early this week. As he said, "everybody's lost a game before."

"Last time I checked, we've only lost two games," Smith said. "We might not have played perfect, but there's no need to panic. Now if we were at .500, or below .500, it might be a different conversation, but we're not, so we just need to fix our problems and just keep going to work."

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