Joe Flacco Helped Select Marc Trestman, Should 'Hit It Off'


So how will "The Quarterback Whisperer" Marc Trestman and "Joe Cool" Flacco get along?

Quarterback Joe Flacco will have his fourth offensive coordinator in as many years, in addition to yet another quarterbacks coach. But Head Coach John Harbaugh is confident that Flacco will once again adapt.

Harbaugh said one of the big factors in hiring Trestman as offensive coordinator was because he believes he'll jive with the leader of the offense in Flacco.

Harbaugh even included Flacco in the hiring process, especially in the latter stages, before deciding on Trestman.

"Joe's on board with it. He's excited about it. He knows Marc's reputation," Harbaugh said.

"I think personality-wise, they're going to hit it off really well. They've both very smart, they're both very detailed and they're both very direct in their communication."

Trestman and Flacco seem to be a fit for three main reasons: their way of thinking, their communication and their overall demeanor.

Trestman is laid-back and cerebral. Flacco is well-known for his easy-going, calm demeanor, and has connected best with coordinators that share that personality such as Jim Caldwell and Gary Kubiak.

It goes beyond personality, extending to how their thought process works.

"I like the way [Trestman] thinks, I like the way his mind works," Harbaugh said. "He's got kind of a wide range of depth to his thinking. I know that's going to mesh well with Joe and the way Joe thinks."

At the same time, Flacco greatly appreciated Kubiak's very direct style of coaching. Kubiak knew exactly what he wanted and what he didn't, and Flacco appreciated that clarity and simplicity.

"Marc and the way he explains football and the way he talks about it is very black and white, to the point and clear cut," Harbaugh said. "Joe appreciates that kind of communication. I think those guys are going to hit it off really, really well."

Flacco and Trestman haven't had much of a chance to connect yet considering Flacco's third son was born Tuesday night. They've simply exchanged text messages so far.

However, Trestman has gained an appreciation of Flacco from afar.

"When things settle in his personal life, we'll spend time talking with each other. That's critically important," Trestman said.

"He's established himself as a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback. He's been extremely effective. He certainly has been a courageous leader and a very tough guy. I'm excited to coach him and get to know him."

Harbaugh pointed out that very few quarterbacks go through their careers with just one system or one coordinator. Adjusting is part of the business for signal callers.

Flacco had just one coordinator for his first four-and-a-half seasons in Cam Cameron, but has been guided by Caldwell, Kubiak and now Trestman since then.

Flacco will be moving onto his fifth quarterbacks coach as Marty Mornhinweg follows Hue Jackson, Jim Zorn, Caldwell and Rick Dennison, respectively. Senior Offensive Assistant Craig Ver Steeg has also worked directly with Flacco since his rookie year in 2008.

"I know Joe can handle it," Harbaugh said. "He's not been afraid of that in the past and I know he can handle it going forward."

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