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Joe Flacco Responds To Losing Dennis Pitta


Quarterback Joe Flacco watched from a few feet away as his teammate and good friend Dennis Pitta was lifted onto a stretcher and carted off the field with a dislocated hip Sunday against the Browns.

The scene was difficult for the Ravens, as Pitta has now dislocated the same hip twice in the span of 14 months. The injury cost Pitta 12 games last year, ended his 2014 season and now the 29-year-old tight end's career prospects are up in the air. 

"It's tough, obviously," Flacco said Wednesday. "It's a shame."

Instead of flying home with the Ravens after the game, Pitta was transported to a Cleveland hospital where he underwent surgery this week. Flacco hasn't been able to talk with Pitta since the injury, but has received updates through the two players' wives.

"I have not had a chance to talk to him yet with what's going back and forth. The only communication I have had is through my wife with his wife to keep an update on how he's doing," Flacco said. "I really want to leave him alone, and see him at some point towards the end of the week, and see how he's doing."

Seeing Pitta go down was difficult for Flacco on a personal level because of their friendship off the field, but Flacco had to quickly shift his focus back to game against the Browns. The Ravens also have to go through their preparation this week knowing that Pitta won't be around, and Flacco expressed confidence about the players the Ravens have next in line.

"It's obviously a tough situation, but football-wise we have to move on, and we have the guys to do it," Flacco said. "We'll have a bunch of guys come rally together, and play football like we always do. Like I said last week in terms of distractions, and dealing with things like that – going out there on Sunday, it will be a time to forget about things like that, and go play and react."

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